How To Create Usb Bootable With One Click Anhdv 2019

One Click Anhdv Boot 2019 is a tool I have sầu written specifically to lớn enable USB / HDD booting in both UEFI & BIOS legacy. Creating usb boot with hidden partitions has never been easier.

Features of 1 cliông xã Anhdv Boot

There are options lớn create usb boot with 2 partitions: 1 boot partition hidden and 1 NTFS partition contains data. Support to lớn create bootable for both USB and HDD Box external hard drive Support USB / HDD boot in both UEFI and Legacy standards.Features show hidden partition of usb boot. Bootloader change feature. Features Copy some extension packages such as: Kali Linux, Mini Windows 7 and 8. Error correction feature displays wrong partition of USB Boot.

How khổng lồ create usb boot with hidden partition

If you have sầu not downloaded Anhdv Boot, you can tải về it here. After extracting with the lademo 7zip or Winrar, run the file One_Click_Anhdv_Boot_2019.exe pháo. If you run this boot usb tool for the first time, there may be a message:

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The above notice is due lớn 1 click Anhdv Boot using Aomei Partition Assistant software lớn divide the partition for USB / HDD. This aomei will need to lớn copy the driver lớn be able lớn run on your computer.


There are some extension packages that need lớn be copied to lớn the hidden boot partition as listed above sầu. If you need khổng lồ use any package, you need to lớn enter more space for USB-BOOT.

For example in the picture above sầu, I use Fedora + Bitdefender, it needs 1600 + 700 = 2300. So need khổng lồ add 2300, the boot partition will now have capađô thị 2150 (default) + 2300 = 4450 MB. If you don’t use any package in the list, press Enter, the boot partition now has a capađô thị of 2150 MB.

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Depending on the type of USB, the tốc độ of making boot usb fast or slow, please wait until you receive a successful notification!

The thing lớn vì is disconnect the USB and plug it back in. Do you kiểm tra if the USB displays only one USB-DATA current partition? If only the USB-BOOT partition is displayed or both USB partitions are present, enter N for the error correction tool. Disconnect the USB và plug it bachồng in, if the USB-DATA partition is displayed correctly, enter Y to lớn cđại bại the program.

How to display the USB-BOOT hidden boot partition

Run the One_Click_Anhdv_Boot_2019.exe cộ tool. After selecting the language & USB, there will be the following options:

You can copy the extension package Mini Windows 7 và 8 or copy the extension package Kali Linux. In addition, this feature is useful when you need to lớn edit the boot menu.

How lớn change the Bootloader for USB

Run the One_Click_Anhdv_Boot_2019.exe cộ tool. After selecting the language and USB, there will be the following options:

In addition, you can use this usb boot tool lớn fix the wrong display of the usb partition, delete the usb to lớn recover the space.


1 cliông xã Anhdv Boot 2019 is a simple way to create usb boot that supports both UEFI & Legacy standards. This tool also helps create boot for HDD hard drive sầu. If you have sầu any questions, you can leave sầu a bình luận below or text me via Fanpage message. Wish success!