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It would be quite easy to simply say that Acronis True Image 2017 New Generation is the best backup program; It’s the fastest all-around imaging program we’ve sầu tested, it’s dead reliable, và it sports every imaginable option. But backup in the real world isn’t about feature sets. While we love True Image in the enterprise or SMB venues, its heavy system footprint and cornucopia of options are likely a wee bit much for the home user.

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Note: This review is part of our best Windows backup software of 2017 roundup. Go there for details about competing products & how we tested them.

Design and features

True Image 2017 has an attractive sầu interface that’s relatively easy to lớn use—once you’re familiar with it. It’s light years better than it was before a re-design several years ago, but there are still little oddities, such as thin scroll bars with light-colored sliders on a dark background (the exact opposite of the Windows standard) that require more cognitive effort than they should.


It’s pretty, but don’t grab the dark portion of the slider—that’s the background. Little time-wasters lượt thích this appear throughout the interface.

Design oddities or no, True Image 2017 is a tirã when it comes to features. In addition lớn imaging your system, whole disks, partitions, và groups of files, there’s a boot-time startup recovery option và an optional hidden partition for images. There’s every conceivable backup option: incremental, differential, super flexible scheduling, pre/post operation commands, tin nhắn notifications, just to name a few. There’s also a one-way (mirroring) function for syncing a folder lớn a destination, as well as client apps for your mobile devices to keep those backed up.

Those are just the features in the Essential version, which costs $50. The $40-yearly Plus version offers 50GB of online storage as well as backup of your Facebook page, phone support, & updates. The $100-yearly Premium version ups that to 1TB of online storage plus Active Protection, which checks images & the program itself khổng lồ see if anything has been altered, khổng lồ fover off ransomware. Those prices reflect that fact that the Plus và Premium versions are true subscription software—only the restore functions are available if you don’t re-up. $30 will buy you the local backup features in perpetuity.

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Acronis Active sầu Protection is a hedge against ransomware, but it’s available only in the $100 Premium version.

The Premium version also features Asign (not a misspelling), which signs your backups for authentication and stores the record with Blockchain, an online service and repository for digital assets. (chú ý that blockchain, or bloông xã chains, also refers lớn the technology/methodology employed—the company simply uses the name.)

All True Image versions provide bootable recovery truyền thông with the ability to lớn restore lớn dissimilar hardware, i.e., not the same type of hardware that the backup was created on.


Be careful buying True Image. When Acronis says subscription, they mean it. A perpetual license is another $30.


We run a number of backups and restores with every program we Reviews và True Image aced all of them. It completed our timed small 115GB Windows system backup in less than four minutes, faster than most of the other programs (though several seconds slower than Aomei’s Backupper Standard). But it was twice as fast as Backupper when handling our 48GB phối of files và folders. CPU usage was quite heavy, about 75 percent, far greater than with most programs at their mặc định settings. Speed isn’t a real concern for most users who tkết thúc to persize background or after-hours backups. But if you’re backing up a lot of stuff, or from a number of PCs, tốc độ is definitely an asmix, & one that True Image possesses in abundance.

On the other h&, True Image’s tốc độ và hefty feature mix come with a price: a whopping six processes running in the background by default. While any performance hit will largely be unnoticeable in a relatively modern, multi-core system, loading them noticeably lengthened our boot times. There’s a lot of stuff in the system tray as well. We’d very much like the ability lớn configure True Image to lớn use less resources & keep a lower profile.

Buying advice

Acronis True Image 2017 excels in some key areas. It’s the faskiểm tra overall backup program we’ve tested by a bunch; has just about every feature you could wish for; and offers affordable online storage. And, if you live sầu your computing life dangerously, the Plus & Premium versions offer additional security against ransom-ware. Given the heavy footprint & the expense, it’s best suited for power users, but overkill for pretty much everyone else. 

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