Is Akamai Netsession Client Safe?


Akamai netsession client is application software that uses peer lớn peer network for delivering nội dung on the Internet. The idea is achieving tốc độ và overall efficiency while downloading and streaming data/truyền thông nội dung on the Internet. This software hàng hóa is gaining popularity, and many media publishers are using it khổng lồ deliver the content khổng lồ you. For instance, when you are downloading a pdf document or media content on the web, chances are this tải về is powered by Akamai. We found the below information from the Akamai’s official website,

“The Akamai NetSession Interface is a secure application that may be installed on your computer to lớn improve the speed, reliability, & efficiency for application, data & media downloads & video streams from the Internet.”

The first thing that strikes, what is a peer to lớn peer network và how it works? In this article, we shall be discussing more on the working principle of Akamai netsession, & the risk factor it possesses on your system.

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What is a peer to lớn peer network?

A peer to peer network is a distributed network of computer machines connected over th Internet.This network typically functions as a nội dung provider, i.e., the data or files can be shared by connected computers aao ước themselves.In a peer to peer network, there is no need for a centralized VPS.Every computer can function as both client and VPS.The efficiency of such a network is quite higher as compared to traditional client-VPS architecture.

How Akamai works?

Akamai Netsession client act as a download manager and as a peer-to-peer VPS.Akamai netsession may come pre-installed or comes with an application that you are trying to lớn install. Sometimes, you have sầu seen the updates for your games are automatically installed on your system; probably Akamai is working behind the scene.Akamai delivers daily Web traffic reaching more than 50 terabits per second.Currently, more than 30 per cent of the global traffic is served by Akamai’s content delivery system.Akamai netsession client can access both of your private và public networks.Netsession only will use your computer when it is idle or utilizing minimal network resources.

Note: If you are using limited data paông xã to access the Internet on your system, then the Akamai netsession client might exhaust your data plan due khổng lồ background network activities.

Is it a Virus?

Akamai netsession client is neither a vi khuẩn nor a malware. Instead, it helps in increasing the overall content delivery speed.Akamai never shares any private data on your machine to lớn the connected peer khổng lồ peer network.

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Some facts about Akamai’s Netsession Client:

It is not permanently installed on your system; you have an option to remove it anytime.Akamai netsession client is a lightweight process that runs as a background networking service, i.e. less CPU và RAM usage.User can kiểm tra the behaviour và can monitor the interface at any them they want.If a user finds, the Netsession client is consuming more resources, or due to any reason, they have sầu an option to lớn turn it off.

Where can I find Akamai’s Netsession interface in my system?

Based on your operating system, you can find the Akamai’s netsession interface by,

mở cửa Windows control panel > Cliông xã the ibé or links for Akamai netsession interface.Akamai extension inhỏ is found under Other –> Akamai on the System Preferences panel.

What information captured by Netsession from my system?

The Akamai netsession client captures minimal information needed for troubleshooting và network performance monitoring only. This implies, netsession continually sends information from your system khổng lồ the hệ thống.

Security concerns:

There is a slight possibility that the netsession client might transfer an infected tệp tin lớn your system over the network.There is always a risk of getting pirated nội dung over a peer khổng lồ peer network lượt thích using a torrent client.Even though Akamai’s netsession utilizes minimal network resources, for this, it has khổng lồ monitor your bandwidth allocation continuously & sends network data to lớn its hệ thống.


In this article, we have sầu discussed the working principle of Akamai netsession client and also walked you through a few of the security concerns it possesses due to the peer to peer architecture. The bottomline is you can have it in your system & can enjoy the faster content delivery service as it has never been reported as a vi khuẩn or a malware.

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