Alien skin offers exposure 7 with raw support: digital photography review


At first glance, Exposure"s interface resembles that of Lightroom, but there are some important differences. First, there are no modes for different operations like organizing, developing, và sharing. The program resembles Lightroom with its dark gray interface, however, featuring a panel on the left for the source và on the right for adjustments và metadata. Exposure even uses the same exact triangle arrows for collapsing these panels.

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Zooming is a simple matter of spinning the mouse wheel, which makes me happy. Split views for before-and-after viewing are always an option. A thorough mix of keyboard shortcuts eases getting to many editing và viewing tasks. The full-screen view omits the title bar and taskbar, và you can use a two-monitor thiết đặt, as well as customizing panel locations.

Import & Organize

The term import doesn"t appear in the Exposure interface, but you can choose Copy Photos From Card from the File menu, or just navigate to a folder on your computer. When I first opened the program, it already displayed a grid of images from my Photos folder, & you can have sầu it watch folders for any added images. Rating & editing images is possible before the whole import finishes. One problem I ran inlớn here was that only my main system drive"s Photos, Desktop, và Pictures folders were accessible. I couldn"t get to a backup drive or my OneDrive sầu cloud storage until I discovered that the unintuitively named Add Bookmark option was how you add folders.

Exposure doesn"t put you through a separate raw conversion process when you open a raw camera file the way Serif Affinity Pholớn does—the images are just there, ready to be worked on. The software supports raw files from most popular current camera models—over 400 in all. My raw import chất lượng looked more natural but less detailed than that of Adobe Lightroom. You don"t get Lightroom"s choice of rendering profiles (Color, Portrait, Vivid, and so on), but there"s a choice of process version (2017 or 2018) và a slider for intensity. Changing either of these didn"t affect my image, however, và there"s nothing about it in the program"s Support. Longtime users may know the difference, but new users are likely khổng lồ be puzzled here.

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Exposure on the left, Lightroom on the right. Cliông xã to lớn zoom.

You can categorize your pictures with star ratings, color labels, and flags. You can also search based on camera Mã Sản Phẩm, lens, and shot settings—something not found in all pholớn workflow software, including Lightroom CC. Keywording is basic & is found down in the Metadata section of the right panel. I am impressed the Exposure recognized my từ khóa và keyword sets from Lightroom.

The program lets you create Collections và can create Smart Collections for you, based on criteria such as ratings, camera, lens, f-stop—basically anything you can search for in the file. You don"t get any face-recognition or geo-tagging for organization, as you bởi in CyberLink PhotoDirector & Adobe Lightroom.