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Automate Mouse clicks with Auto Mouse Click Utility.

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Define Cliông chồng Type, X Co-ordinates, Y-Co-ordinate & specify whether to lớn return mouse cursor baông chồng to lớn original location and automate mouse clicks. Download and try Auto Mouse Click for không tính phí. The Auto Mouse Click Utility allows khổng lồ group Mouse Clicks (let"s điện thoại tư vấn the group as Mouse Cliông xã Script) and Save sầu them in a File for later use. The Mouse Click Script can be loaded to lớn run at a later time.

You can also watch a Video for Automating Mouse Clicks at the bottom of this page. The Small video clip displays all the steps outlined below.

You can Register your copy of Aulớn Mouse Cliông xã Software Utility by paying in minimal registration fees, once the Free Trial of the Software Ends.

How to Aukhổng lồ Mouse Click

Given below steps outline how to automatically initiate mouse clicks. The procedure khổng lồ tự động mouse cliông chồng has been divided into 3 Steps.

You can also save sầu mouse clicks in a file and then run the mouse clicks automatically by double clicking on the Mouse Clicks (.amk) file or schedule mouse clicks khổng lồ run at a specified time using task scheduler.

Step 1 : Download Auto Mouse Cliông chồng

Download và launch Auto Mouse Cliông chồng Software Utility. During installation of Auto Mouse Clichồng Software utility, you can opt the create a Desktop Shortcut or you can launch the software utility from the Programs Menu.


Step 2 : Configure HotKey khổng lồ get Mouse Cursor Position

Given below steps outline, how you can get mouse cursor position automatically by pressing a configurable Hot Key. In case you vày know the X và Y co-ordinates, you can also fill them in the Main Window of Auto Mouse Clichồng Software Utility.

Look at the bottom of the Software Utility, where it reads Other Settings, here notice the Hot Key to lớn get Mouse Position. Press any Key here to lớn get the Mouse Cursor Position, Let"s say F6 & click on the button labelled Assign. Now demo the new hot key to lớn get the mouse cursor position. Just move sầu mouse cursor anywhere on the screen & press the hotkey. Whenever you press the HotKey configured above, the current mouse cursor location will be prefillded in X Co-Ordinate & Y-Co-ordinate edit boxes at the top of the Mouse Click Utility. Now you have a HotKey with which you can automatically read Mouse Cursor Position (X Co-ordinates and Y Co-ordinates).

Step 3 : Automate Mouse Clicks

Given below steps outline, how you can automate mouse clicks with the software utility presented here. The Rest of the steps require you khổng lồ specify where to lớn clichồng mouse, define mouse clichồng type, delay, whether to lớn return mouse cursor to lớn it"s original location, etc.

Once you are done specifying the mouse clicks, you can start automating mouse clicks by pressing the button labelled Start & you can stop the mouse cliông xã automation by pressing the button labelled Stop.

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The edit box labelled Repeat Count allows you lớn specify, how many times the complete mouse cliông xã script should be run.

Let"s start by specifying the Mouse Clicks lớn automate. You can also Save the Mouse Clicks in a tệp tin khổng lồ run them at a later time. The Repeat Count value specifies how many times all the mouse clicks should be run, Repeat Count of 0 says keep on running mouse clicks infinite time, any other value will specify how many time the mouse clicks should be run.

Once you vì chưng have sầu desired X and Y Co-ordinates on Computer Screen, you now can automate mouse click (left button single clichồng, right button single cliông chồng, and double clicks). Select the Cliông xã Type (Left Click, Right Cliông chồng, etc) from the Combo near label Clichồng Type . In case you do want Mouse Cursor lớn return back lớn original location after clicking on the specified X và Y Co-ordinates, please bởi vì check the checkbox labelled Cursor baông xã . In case you vì chưng leave the Cheông chồng Box Cursor Bachồng unchecked, then during automation of mouse clicks, the mouse cursor will be moved to lớn the specified X and Y Co-ordinates, the mouse clichồng will be initiated và the mouse cursor will be left at the click location. The edit box labelled Delay before Clichồng allows you to specify delay in Seconds for a given Mouse Cliông chồng. Once you are done specifying the Mouse Clichồng, Cliông xã on the button labelled Add. After following steps above, now you can kiểm tra your newly added Mouse Clichồng by pressing the Start Button. Please use the Stop button to lớn stop automating the mouse cliông chồng or cchiến bại the Software Utility to lớn stop automating Mouse Clicks. By following steps outlined above sầu, you can add more Mouse Clicks and you can also save sầu Mouse Clicks in a tệp tin for later use. Editing already added Mouse Cliông chồng can be done by clicking on the List of Mouse Clicks, Specifying new values & clicking on the button labelled Update.

Schedule Automatic Mouse Clicks

In Order khổng lồ run Auto Mouse Clicks at a specified date / time, you would need 2 things. The First one is save sầu the Mouse Clicks in a File by pressing Save Clicks & the second thing you would need is a Scheduler. You can also double cliông chồng on the Mouse Clicks tệp tin (.amk) lớn run the Mouse Clicks automatically.

Aukhổng lồ Mouse Cliông chồng in Action

Watch Auto Mouse Cliông chồng utility in action here in this Clip. The đoạn Clip presents how lớn automate mouse clicks easily. Specify X and Y co-ordinates, define the mouse clichồng type (whether lớn simulate left button cliông xã, right button cliông xã or khổng lồ simulate single or double mouse clicks) & specify the delay in seconds. Add as many mouse clicks as you want to be automated & cliông chồng on start button to start automating mouse clicks. Download và Auto Mouse Cliông xã & try it yourself whether it can be of use to lớn you or read our small guide to lớn auto mouse clichồng before downloading the software utility.

Double click on the video clip lớn view how lớn auto click mouse khổng lồ repeat tasks in full screen mode.