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Log Out of Facebook After Using Shared Computers

Have sầu you ever used a computer at work, the library, or a coworking space? You’ll need khổng lồ exercise extra caution lớn log out when you’re done. This step is critical khổng lồ rethành viên when using accounts that contain personal information.

If you’re using Facebook from a computer you don’t own, always log out immediately afterward. You have no idea who may use the device after you, và staying logged in leaves your trương mục wide open.

If you ever can’t rethành viên if you logged out after using Facebook on a device you don’t own, change your password immediately so your security is never in question. You can also log out remotely from all devices in Security & Login Settings. Protecting access lớn your accounts can stop a Facebook hachồng from happening at all.

9. Don’t Accept Friend Requests From People You Don’t Know

Hackers often gain information they need to guess your password by adding you as a friover on Facebook. They may even add mutual friends, making them look lượt thích a safe person who is already in your network. Or they may directly impersonate someone you know.

If you don’t know someone, don’t accept their frikết thúc request.

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If the request seems suspicious or duplicated, reach out khổng lồ your friend by text or tin nhắn lớn let them know someone is using their likeness or identity online.

Allowing access lớn your personal protệp tin can provide access khổng lồ information like your birthday or high school. This information makes it easier to lớn hachồng inkhổng lồ your business tài khoản or impersonate you lớn gain access to lớn other social accounts, your friends, or even your audience.


Preventing Facebook hacks on your business page requires more than posting engaging content & creating Facebook ads. There are real security risks you need lớn be aware of to lớn protect your investment—và your customers. Luckily, a few simple steps can help protect you.

Stay up to date on the security features of each platsize you use, & protect your personal Facebook profile as well as your business page. Take advantage of alerts, emails, và other notifications khổng lồ help you act quickly should a Facebook haông chồng occur.

These steps will reduce your risk so you can enjoy growing your audience and connecting with your customers without expensive sầu and stressful setbacks. If this seems overwhelming, connect with us for help so you can focus on running your business.