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Also called Bake-danuki, và Mame-danuki, depending on the area, Tanuki (which also refers to the mundane Raccoon Dog) is a term for magical creatures of nhật bản, which rival even Kitsune in fame. Known as mischievous trickster creatures, capable of changing not just their own shape but also, in the males, their testicles into what they please.

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Known to be rather hedonistic as magical creatures go, male Tanuki are often found with sake (Japanese rise-wine) in hvà, & seeking food and women. Little is known of female Tanuki, but lượt thích with male Veela, it is widely believed they must exist, even if sightings are rare khổng lồ unprovable.

Tanuki can, và have sầu been found khổng lồ, like Kitsune, sometimes live large portions of their lives as humans, taking on jobs và businesses, và acting indistinguishable from a mundane human. Other Tanuki are known to be quite warlượt thích, working as soldiers, theives và mercenaries as suits them. There are several myths, even mundane Japanese lore, of Tanuki going to lớn fight.

Tanuki Room Guardianby AnyaBoz

(Read more about Tanuki in loreHere, Here, Here và Here.I hate that I have sầu to include this but PLEASE DO NOT DELETE THE IMAGE SOURCE OR THE CAPTION.)

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