I"ve sầu learned that at the kết thúc of a letter to a frikết thúc it"s appropriate khổng lồ write Bises, (name) or Bisous, (name). e.g. between two female friends writing each other

What is the difference in the usage of “Bises” và “Bisous”?

Is one of them more common or used more by children or in a very familial context?



Bises usually means kisses on the cheeks and is the kind of closing you write lớn someone you precisely kiss that way in real life (family, cthảm bại / female friends, female colleagues). This kind of kiss is usually quite formal và not real kisses. People just touch cheeks to lớn each other và kiss the air a specific number of times, usually two but can be one, three of four depending on the region.

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Bisous is more friendly and affectionate, và are real kisses where the lips touch the skin. Bisous is generally used when writing to lớn children or between lovers.

There are many people for whom I might over a postcard with Bises or Grosses bises but who would be very surprised if I wrote instead Bisous or Gros bisous.

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Bisous is for very close people like family / girlfriover...

Young people say la bise to their friends at the end of their messages

I"ve sầu never seen Bises without la in a message


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