Sogun's Lament

Sogun, who failed the Divine Mandate Ritual 30 years ago, is resurrected by a mysterious mastermind known as Zulia. Sogun’s anger và regret manifested inkhổng lồ this flame và frost trùm cuối known as Asura.

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At the beginning is a daily questgiver that asks khổng lồ obtain đôi mươi Guard Tags from the humanoid mobs in this corridor.

The beginning splits into lớn the two paths: the northern (left) path containing Goldkin using flame Force Master attacks, and the southern (right) path containing Silverkin using frost Force Master attacks. Both paths contain various additional monsters, và the Gold/Silverkin are accompanied by miniature versions using Kung Fu Master attacks. The adds can be reset by running up the ramp & then gliding baông chồng down.

Each path is divided inkhổng lồ four sections, with snowballs falling down the first three sections that will disappear when engaging the Gold/Silverkin. At the end of the first three sections, a lever can pulled after killing the Gold/Silverkin that will open the door on the other path. The final section simply requires killing the Gold/Silverkin at the over.

Ken & Gen:


Ken HP: 5,690,000

Gen HP: 3,030,000

Enrage: 7:00

CC: 2x

Both bosses are fought on opposite sides of the room. When the trùm is started, the river in the middle will become active sầu và kill anyone entering it, preventing players from moving between the sides. It is possible khổng lồ maneuver across this river using iframe skills, but in most situations is not necessary.

Ken’s Attack Pattern:

Double 180 degree frontal hammer swings, blockableFrontal roar inflicting knockbachồng & daze, blockableDouble frontal hammer smash inflicting knockdown, blockableOne of the following:AoE spin, blockable, cannot be CC’d.Frontal hammer thrust, causes knockbaông xã & knockdown, blockable, cannot be CC’d.

Gen’s Attaông chồng Pattern:

Double 180 degree frontal hammer swings, blockablePuts away his hammer then spins around và deflect stuns if hit inkhổng lồ, followed by a palm smash that knocks baông xã và dazes. The palm smash can be blocked.Frontal palm flurry, each hit knocks backwards slightly, blockableOne of the following:AoE spin, blockable, cannot be CC’d.Frontal hammer thrust, causes knockbaông xã & knockdown, blockable, cannot be CC’d.

If their tanks stvà 9 meters or further away, Ken/Gen will throw two jars at their aggro holder, leaving a puddle that inflicts a 50% movement speed debuff for one minute. They then jump on the aggro holder, creating an unblockable AoE where they land.

Deva Strength:

Every 30 seconds, Ken & Gen persize a long-ranged area of effect shout. It does no damage, but produces “Golden Deva Strength” and “Silver Deva Strength” buffs for one minute on everyone, both themselves & players, và is granted even on iframe. “Golden Deva Strength” grants 90 Attachồng Power nguồn, while “Silver Deva Strength” grants 10% Defense, both stacks up khổng lồ 3 times. Additionally, it produces a one minute một nửa movement speed reduction on players if not iframed.

After the shout, Ken & Gen will throw two jars at the furthest person from them (i.e. across the river). Ideally, a ranged class should hang around the wall so that they do not hinder melees. Afterwards the pair will resume normal attacking.

Four stacks of Golden/Silver Deva Strength turn into lớn “Galvanized” và “Silver Deva” respectively. For Ken/Gen, this grants them both 90% damage reduction for one minute, but prevents them from stacking Strength buffs. For players, this turns into a one second unavoidable lockdown that then transition lớn a knockdown inflicting massive damage.

To prsự kiện Galvanized/Silva Deva, the bosses must be knocked down when at 3 stacks of Deva Strength. They will vị a get-up attaông chồng, then jump across the river, removing their Deva Strength buffs; the knockdown must not be interrupted with a grab, aerial, Blade Master’s Soaring Falnhỏ Move 2, or Assassin’s Webbing or they will not jump. They will then Phantom Grip their tanks, removing their buffs as well, before attempting to smachồng & slam them into the ground which deals very high damage. The two bosses must be stunned or dazed so the tank does not die. The tank must not iframe the grab & the rest of the buổi tiệc nhỏ must not knockdown or the trùm will jump bachồng over.

There are two strategies lớn defeat Ken/Gen:

Split the party evenly: The safest and slowest method, split the group evenly.All on one: All tiệc nhỏ members stationed at Gen. Ken will jump over; burst the two down quickly, preferably with Gen going down first due to his Silver Deva Strength. This method is only for groups with high DPS, as it relies on bursting down both bosses before they gain the damage reduction buff.


Ahead is another daily questgiver asking to defeat the three Iruga’s Shadow gatekeepers ahead.

Drop down inlớn the underground tunnel. There are three segments with Kung Fu Master, Force Master, và Shieldbearer mobs patrolling. An Assassin Move sầu 3 Smokescreen, Lotus of Rescue, and Smokescreen again lớn stealth the tiệc nhỏ past the mobs.

At the over of each segment, six Shieldbearers spawn, và drop a shield on death, piông chồng up that shield. The miniboss, Iruga’s Shadow, will spawn after the Shieldbearers are dead & throw four projectiles at random players, twelve projectiles in total. Press 1 while holding the shield khổng lồ create a 3.0 second reflect window that damages the Shadow by 1/12th of its health.

Charged Iruga:


HP: 12,600,000

Enrage: 5:00

CC: 2x

Up lớn three 2x stun and/or 2x knockdown are required.

Despite Iruga’s unusually high health và low enrage timer, the mechanic will inflict a significant amount of damage to the boss.

Attaông chồng Pattern:

Drops lightning in front of it, blockable, cannot be CC’d, has a blindspot in front of IrugaDouble 180 degree claw swipes, blockableDouble 180 degree claw swipes, followed by an area of effect lightning causing knockdown, blockableDouble claw swipesThrows two linear lightning channels in front of it, followed by a lightning breath in front of it, each hit causes knockbaông xã và daze, blockable

If the tank stands 9 meters or further away, Iruga randomly does one of the following:

Throws a lightning area of effect projectile inflicting stun. Blockable.Jumps at the aggro holder, causing an unblockable AoE slam upon landing that knocks down.

Iruga’s Shadows:

Every 45 seconds, Iruga will enter a mechanic:

A message warns “Iruga’s Shadows have sầu appeared” and three adds, the blue-colored Staggering Umbra và green-colored Falling Umbra, spawn in the corners of the room in a triangle formation from each other, with the type that spawns being random. Iruga will continue his normal rotation. The Umbras have the same attacks as Iruga and have sầu unusually high health to kill normally, but the xanh Umbra can be killed instantly with 2x stun and the green Umbra can be killed instantly with 2x knockdown.

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Classes with an area of effect CC can group up the Umbras to take multiple down at once.Mistakenly using the wrong CC will cause the Umbra khổng lồ experience that CC, but will resume attacking and be vulnerable khổng lồ CC again.Once the Umbras are dead, a message warns “Snowborn Shieldbearers have appeared” and six Shieldbearers spawn in the middle. Kill them quickly và pichồng up their dropped shields.Iruga jumps lớn a random corner after the Umbras are dead or 10 seconds after they have spawned, and channels a lightning puddle around himself.Iruga fires four lightning projectiles in three sets at the first four people who hit hyên ổn since engaging. Using the shield, press 1 khổng lồ reflect Iruga’s lightning back to lớn it và produce Spear of Judgement stacks on it.Projectile-resistances such as Blade Master’s Warding Spirit, Force Master’s Divine Veil, Summoner’s Petal Storm, & Assassin’s Move sầu 2 Smokescreen can negate the projectiles if the shields weren’t picked up in time.Iruga’s lightning puddle disappears and he will begin to channel an unblockable AoE attaông xã. The tank must press LMB to lớn throw the shield at Iruga as he is channeling the attaông chồng. This will inflict knockdown for 5 seconds if he has any Spear of Judgement stacks, and detonate the stacks for 1.25% of its health per stack for 15% in total, along with extending the duration of the knockdown by 0.5 seconds per stack for a total of 12 seconds. Do not grab Iruga immediately; let the knockdown duration tiông xã down before doing so.


A final daily quest ahead requires you lớn defeat the next four minibosses.

At the top of the stairs is Force Master Head Handmaiden Bing Sangsun, with a pair of Destroyer adds. At 70% she will cast Frost Burst & channel an ice pillar that inflicts Freeze nearby. After she drops down, she will become untargetable, và heads inlớn the aremãng cầu. She regains her health, and is now accompanied by two Gunner và Blade Master adds. On initiating any of the minibosses in the arena, a ring of Palace Cores spawn in the outer edges of the field và shoot projectiles at anyone within range.

Once Bing Sangsun is defeated, another minitrùm appears, chosen at random:

Head Servant Bing Yusang: Force Master who spawns timed exploding ice flowers.Misol: Banshee, accompanied by six Cursed Frost Banshees.Copperkin: Force Master Training Dummy

After the second miniboss is defeated, a third one appears, again chosen at random:

Slavedriver Hwa Mayum: Force MasterPoacher Sang Gyuk: Dual Axe pháo userOh Rutega: Blade Master Training Dummy, grants an achievement on defeat.

The fourth, final minitrùm follows the third, once again chosen at random:

Necromancer Bing Muha: Force MasterSculptor Hwa Yunhong: Force Master with eight Terracotta Warriors

Volcano & Glacier:


HP: 1,750,000 each

Enrage: None

CC: 2x

The easiest trùm, with rather low health & no actual mechanic.

On initiating the fight, a ring of Palace Cores spawn in the outer edges of the field và shoot projectiles at anyone within range.

Attack Pattern:

Both birds share the same rotation with one difference:

Targeted peông chồng, blockableTargeted upward head swing which will knockup, blockableCreates frontal 180 degree gusts, unblockable, each hit causes pushbaông xã.After 90%, Volcano casts an unblockable AoE explosion around itself, and Glacier summons ice flowers that will explode after a small amount of time, cannot be blocked

If their tanks stvà 9 meters or farther away, they charge at them, inflicting knockbaông xã and knockdown.


At the start of the fight, one of the birds chosen by random will come down to lớn fight, while the other stays flying and untargetable. The flying bird will mark the closest person to them, and fire area of effect feather projectiles: Volcano’s leaves a burning puddle, while Glacier’s inflicts Knockdown. Blade Master’s Warding Spirit, Force Master’s Divine Veil, Assassin’s Move 2 Smokescreen, and Summoner’s Petal Storm can be cast to lớn negate the projectiles.

They will switch when the first bird reaches 90%, the second bird reaches 60%, and both come down when the first bird reaches 30%.



HP: 11,210,000

Enrage: 8:20

CC: 2x

Attaông xã Pattern:

Double 180 degree frontal sword swipes, inflicting one stack of ember & chill, blockableOne of the following:Linear ice cleave inflicting freeze, blockable, cannot be CC’d.Three-hit spin inflicting ember & chill, both are blockable.Double frontal sword swipesOne of the following:Flame energy wave sầu, inflicting ember, knockbaông xã, và daze, cannot be CC’d.Frontal 180 degree sweep with the frost sword, followed by a frontal flame cleave sầu inflicting knockdown, and a double sword attachồng causing knockbachồng và daze, all hits are blockableOne of the following:Frontal linear frost kiông chồng, inflicts knockdownFrontal 180 degree leg sweep, inflicts knockdown, unblockable

If the tank stands 9 meters or further, Asura teleports behind them và stabs them with his frost sword, inflicting Chill.


Every 30 seconds, a message warns “Lifeblooms are appearing near Asura” & six flowers will appear on the floor. Asura will teleport khổng lồ a random corner và persize a summoning animation, then does a field-wide unblockable Phantom Grip và absorbs any Lifeblooms on the ground and heal 5% of his health per lifebloom và gain a permanent staông chồng of “Living Flower”; if he has 5 stacks Asura will enrage & wipe the các buổi tiệc nhỏ.

Running into lớn the Lifebloom will remove sầu them, heal around 10,000 HP, grants the Focus Recovery buff for 10 seconds, & grant immunity lớn Asura’s Phantom Grip, but inflicts a 7 second root debuff and a 30 second Thorn Poison damage over time debuff that đơn hàng 4,500 damage per 2 seconds. The poison can only be removed with Dungeon Antidotes; class skills such as Force Master’s Frost Armor will not cleanse it. Iframes will temporarily stop the damage.

The root can be removed with root removal skills, or approach skills if Asura is able khổng lồ be targeted. Moving into a Lifebloom with an iframe or having Blade Master’s Winged Protector và Blade Dancer’s Maelstrom will negate the roots.

Special Phase 90%:

Asura will teleport lớn the middle, summoning 4 flaming swords levitating behind hlặng.Asura casts a flaming aura around hlặng, which negates projectiles và does very high damage over time on anyone who stands in it. Everyone should stop attacking and group up, Summoners & Warlocks should immediately recall their familiars.Asura will fire eight flaming projectiles at random people. Blade Master’s Warding Spirit, Force Master’s Divine Veil, Assassin’s Move 2 Smokescreen, and Summoner’s Petal Storm can be cast lớn negate the damage.A message warns “Asura is creating a Flamefrost using his chi” và Asura creates two Flamefrost Orbs that move towards the furthest person from them, & will bounce around the room if they hit the wall. They can be dispelled by blochồng, counter, parry, or deflect skills, which also pulsates the buff “Scorching Heat và Freezing Cold” in a 3 meter area of effect granting 40 Attaông chồng Power for 60 seconds and stacks 20 times. One person, ideally a ranged class, should be standing cthua thảm to the flaming aura và bloông xã at least one of the orbs, for the next mechanic. If the orbs are ignored & six are present at one time, Asura will enrage and wipe the buổi tiệc nhỏ.The flaming aura around Asura will disappear. He will then mark the closest person lớn hlặng, & drop four flaming swords on them one at a time, leaving a flaming aura. The marker should lead the swords away so that they vị not l& next to Asura.Beware that Summoner & Warlock familiars can receive sầu the mark.Force Master’s Freeze, Summoner’s Grasping Roots, và Warlock’s Soul Shackle can be cast at the end; if the tank stands behind hlặng, Asura won’t vị anything until the root wears off.Asura casts a field-wide unblockable Phantom Grip, then does a frontal flaming leg sweep inflicting knockdown and is unblockable.Root can also be cast here lớn delay Asura.

Special Phase 70%:

Asura teleports to the middle, summoning 6 frost swords levitating behind hyên.Asura drops six of his frost swords at random locations three times, producing unblockable area of effect impacts that dazes anyone hit.Asura casts a frost aura around hlặng, similar lớn the flaming aura from before. Everyone should stop attacking và group up.Asura creates a pair of flamefrost orbs.Asura fires eight frost projectiles at random people. These can be avoided in the same manner as the fire projectiles.The frost puddle around Asura disappears. He then casts a field-wide unblockable Phantom Grip, then does a frontal frost linear kick inflicting knockbaông chồng and knockdown & is unblockable.

Special Phase 50%:

At 50%, Asura will automatically cleanse all debuffs and is immune khổng lồ debuffs for 5 seconds. He will teleport khổng lồ the middle, và will periodically cycle between his 90% flame and 70% frost attacks for the remainder of the fight. In addition, Lifeblooms spawn one-by-one during the mechanic, which does not negate his Phantom Grip, and he will absorb the Lifeblooms at the kết thúc of the mechanic.


Asura Ember


When combined with the “Frozen Lamentation Stone” from Cold Storage Shop, the “Chilling Flame Elixir” is created. This unlocks a Hongmoon skill. The skill unlocked varies by class:

Blade Master: Pierce 1Kung Fu Master: Swift Strike 1; Tiger Strike 1Destroyer: Cleave 1; Eradicate 1Force Master: Dragonchar 1, 3 (Blazing Beam); Glacial Beam 1Assassin: Heart Stab 1Summoner: Anklebiter 2 (Surprise Gift), 3 (Bombs Away!)Blade Dancer: Sunder 2Warlock: Bombardment 1, 2; Dimensional Volley 1Soul Fighter: Cobalt Punch 1; Right Punch 1Gunslinger: Quickshot 1; Darkshot 1

This thành công is tradeable.