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Bleach vs Narulớn Tips: Combo-Breaker


To persize a Combo Breaker in Bleach vs Narulớn, you press ‘O’ while your character is being hit. This move consumes some SPhường., plus all Stamina.

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Two types of Combo-breakers exist in the game. They are:

- Substitution Jutsu: This is performed exclusively by Naruto lớn Shippuden characters. It causes the character to disappear & then reappear some distance away.

- Reiatsu Explosion: This is performed exclusively by Bleach characters & Kenshin Himura. It causes the character to emit Reiatsu as an explosion which knocks the opponent away.

Combo-Breaker Tips:

The “Substitution Jutsu” Combo-Breaker is the better of the two because you have sầu the chance lớn turn the tables on your opponent after you reappear behind them.

Rethành viên that when a character uses Combo-Breaker, it consumes all its Stamimãng cầu. This means that by attacking your opponent immediately after they persize this move, they will be stunned regardless of whether they blocked the blow or not.

May 22nd, 2018
Bleach vs Naruto Tips: Transformation
Bleach vs Naruto guide to lớn transformation: How lớn transkhung, all character transformations, & a little transformation tip.


To transkhung, press ‘J’ and "K’ simultaneously when your SPhường meter is full.

That’s right, it consumes 3 bars of SP..


All Bleach vs Narulớn 3.1 characters that can transform are as follows:


- Ichigo (Start of Series) > Hollow Ichigo (Shikai)

- Hollow Ichigo (Shikai) > Hollow Ichigo (Bankai)

- Ichigo (Shikai) > Ichigo (Bankai)

- Ichigo (Bankai) > Ichigo (Hollow Mask)

- Byakuya (Shikai) > Byakuya (Bankai)

- Toshiro (Shikai) > Toshiro (Bankai)

- Rucơ (Gigai/School Uniform) > Rucơ (Shikai)

- Ulquiorra (Base) > Ulquiorra (1st Release)

Naruto lớn Shippuden:

- Narukhổng lồ (Base) > Naruto lớn (1 Tail Kyuubi Mode)

- Narukhổng lồ (1 Tail Kyuubi Mode) > Naruto lớn (4 Tail Kyuubi Mode)

- Naruto lớn (Sage Mode) > Naruto lớn (KCM)

- Sasuke (Hebi) > Sasuke (Curse Mark)

- Roông xã Lee (Base) > Roông chồng Lee (Inner Gates)


- Kenshin (Base) > Kenshin (Blue).


I know its a nobrainer to lớn transkhung from a safe distance away so you have sầu enough time to either mount an attack, or just not get clobbered, but using what I lượt thích lớn điện thoại tư vấn “Transformation Combos” serves that purpose while looking cool.

There are 3 effective sầu Transformation Combos:

- One involves knocking down your opponent before transforming.

- Another involves knocking your opponent into the air, transforming, & then completing the bộ combo with your new size (a cooler option, no?).

- The third involves performing a "J’ Grtáo bị cắn dở, transforming, then striking your still stunned opponent with your new khung.

Here are my favorite examples:

- Any character: Any full bộ, then transkhung.

- Any character:

"J’ Grtáo Apple, transformed, then full bộ.

- Naruto (Sage Mode > KCM):

JJJU W+J, transform, S+U

- Naruto lớn Kyuubi Mode (1 Tail > 4 Tails):

JJJJ W+U W+U, transsize, S+U

Bleach vs Narulớn Tips: Houdini Combos
Harry Houdini was legendary for being an escape artist; và that’s why I named these moves after him. Houdini combos are great for maintaining control of the battle by either not letting your opponent counterattack or by making their attempts unsuccessful.

If Bleach vs Narukhổng lồ had a martial art, it would be something like this. I developed this technique khổng lồ compensate for situations where I don’t have enough SP.., Stamina or both khổng lồ use Quiet Step; enabling me to lớn conserve sầu both meters while remaining difficult khổng lồ hit.

A little disclaimer, though:

- Some of these techniques I am about to lớn explain won’t work 100% of the time, but will most of the time, & can save sầu you in a pinch.

- There will be a little bit of overlap here & there, so bear with me.

Now let’s get started!


1. Escape type: The primary purpose of this type is for escaping any dangerous situation which include:

- when your opponent is blocking your attacks,

- when your opponent has dodged your attaông xã, and

- when your opponent performs a Teleportation Attachồng or Substitution Jutsu.

Your options for escape include:

- Comboing into lớn a Sprint,

- Comboing inlớn a Jump, and

- Comboing into lớn any other move that creates distance between you và your opponent.

Comboing Inlớn a Sprint: Almost all characters in Bleach vs Naruto have a Combo or two where Sprint ‘L’ is one of the moves; rethành viên “looping combos”? Some version 3.1 examples are:

- Deidara: JJL, JJJL or JJ W+J L.

- Roông xã Lee (Base): JJJL or JJJUL.

- Rock Lee (Inner Gate): UJL.

- Ichigo (Shikai): JJJL.

- Ichigo (Bankai): JJJL.

- Ichigo (Hollow Mask): JJJJJL.

- Hollow Ichigo (Shikai): JJJL.

- Hollow Ichigo (Bankai): JJJL.

- Naruto (Sage Mode): JJJJL.

- Naruto lớn (Base): JJJJL or JJ W+J L.

- Naruto lớn (1 Tail): JJJJL.

- Sasuke (Curse Mark): JJUL or S+J L.

- Aizen: JJJL.

- Toshiro (Bankai): JJJL.

- Byakuya (Shikai): JJJL.

Comboing Inkhổng lồ a Jump: Almost all characters in Bleach vs Naruto have sầu a Combo or two where Jump "K’ is one of the moves. I recommkết thúc you jump again, Sprint, or both once you’re in the air just to lớn be safe. Some version 3.1 examples are:

- Deidara: JJJ S+J K or JJ W+J S+J K.

- Itachi: JJJJK.

- Neji: JJJK.

- Rochồng Lee (Base): JJJUK.

- Karin: JJ W+J K or JJJ W+J K.

- Rutê (Shikai): JJ S+J K or JJJ S+J K.

- Kenpachi: JJ W+J JK.

- Gin: JJJJK.

- Mayuri: JJ W+J K.

- Naruto (Sage Mode): JJJUK or JJJ W+J K.

- Ulquiorra (Base) JJ W+J K.

Comboing Inlớn Any Other Move That Creates Distance Between You & Your Opponent: You are going to lớn have lớn be creative here. Lucky almost all moves that fall under this category are ones that skết thúc your character:

- inlớn the air, or

- past your opponent by lunging forward.

I recommover you jump, Sprint, or both immediately afterwards to lớn be safe. Some version 3.1 examples are:

- Rochồng Lee (Base): JJJ W+U.

- Rochồng Lee (Inner Gates): JJJJ W+U.

- Naruto (Base): JJJJ W+U or JJ W+J W+U.

- Orochimaru: JJJJ W+U.

- Kenpachi: JJJ W+U, JJJU or JJ W+J U.

- Rutê (Gigai): JJ W+J.

- Rucơ (Shikai): JJ S+J K or JJJ S+J K.

- Ulquiorra (resurrection): JJ W+J or JJJJ W+U.

- Ichigo (Bankai): JJJ W+U or JJ W+J.

- Ichigo (Hollow Mask): JJJJ W+J.

- Hollow Ichigo (Bankai): JJJJ W+U or JJ W+J W+U.

2. Follow-up Type: This type is where you simply bộ combo your way through all dangerous situations. There’s the Brute Force method, và there’s Triông xã Shot method.

The “Brute Force” method is best used against an opponent that is blocking. It involves hitting your opponent with move after move until their guard breaks i.e. Stamina completely depletes. Worse case scenario: if at, or towards the kết thúc of your onslaught your opponent’s guard is still up,

- either use the extra SP. you just gained lớn Quiet Step behind them, or

- just bộ combo into the nearest Sprint "L’ or Jump "K’ và create some distance (Escape type).

I recommend you use the longest bộ combo your character can offer, và also in your miễn phí time chạy thử lớn see of an additional move can be performed right after your bộ combo has ended. Examples are (Version 3.1):

- Kakashi: JJ S+J U .

- Itachi: JJJ S+U W+U W+U < JUU *after combo ends*>

The “Triông chồng Shot” method is best used against an opponent that is about lớn counterattaông chồng in some way by:

- performing a Substitution Jutsu, or

- dodging your move or full bộ, or

- performing a Teleportation Attaông chồng.

It involves responding to lớn these dangerous situations with, in most cases, the very next move sầu in the bộ combo you were just performing: striking your opponent before you get stuông chồng yourself. This makes it very tricky và very risky. Situations where this technique can be employed are quite rare, & requires split second reaction khổng lồ pull off smoothly.

You don’t plan for situations like these, but just knowing they exist has just granted you a minute edge. This tactic could save you when no other means of escape or counterattaông chồng is available; making it your very last line of defence.


There are 2 types of Houdini Combos: Escape Types và Follow-up Types.

Under the Escape type you either full bộ inlớn a Jump, Sprint, or any other appropriate move that will create some distance between you và your opponent.

Under the Follow-up type you combo into a move that will solve sầu your current dilemma. Either by breaking an opponent’s guard by constantly striking them (brute force), or by countering an opponent with the very next move sầu in the combo you where just performing (trichồng shot).

Here’s are 2 assignments to lớn help you:

1. For Escape types, kiểm tra your character to see if it can combo into:

- a Sprint "L’,

- a Jump "K’,

- a move sầu that sends your character airborne, or

- a move where you character lunges away.

2. For Brute Force types, test your character to lớn see if additional moves can be performed after a full bộ ends. You can do this by testing each và every move immediately after a full bộ ends.

Bleach vs Narulớn Tips - Most Vulnerable Moments
In this Bleach vs Narulớn Tips và Tricks post, I’ll danh mục situations where your opponent is most vulnerable và provide recommendations on how khổng lồ go about exploiting them.

1. When in the air: Whilst & opponent is airborne, it can’t bloông xã attacks. It can still Sprint, Jump again, use Quiet Step, aerial SP.. Skill, or its regular attacks, but that does not help its vulnerability too much.

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2. Right after missing you: If you manage lớn dodge an attack by your opponent, they’ll be wide open for a very short time. Your job is khổng lồ get to lớn them immediate and strike them before they can recover.

3. While blocking: Blocking is all but useless in Bleach vs Narulớn. There are three main ways to lớn exploit a blocking opponent:

- Continue hitting your opponent with your bộ combo until it’s Stamina depletes completely & becomes stunned.

- Simply Grtáo your opponent. An excellent idea since a grtáo bị cắn can’t be blocked. Just move sầu right up lớn your opponent và press ‘J’ or "U’.

- Use Quiet Step to get behind your opponent và attack from there.

4. After using Combo-Breaker: Combo-Breakers are used lớn interrupt a combo being inflict by a for. In Bleach vs Naruto lớn, the Bleach character knock the opponent away with a “Reiatsu Blast”, while the Narukhổng lồ Shippuden characters persize a “Substitution Jutsu”. Great for defense, but is a costly move sầu because it depletes Stamina completely when used; meaning that if hit immediately the character will be stunned regardless of whether they blochồng the strike or not.

A Bleach opponent which uses “Reiatsu Blast” as its Combo-Breaker will knock you away. Exploit this scenario by performing a Quiông chồng Recovery (Press "L’ the instant your character hits the ground) immediately followed by a one hit move that will strike your opponent. You are guaranteed to stun then if you vì chưng this quichồng.

A Naruto lớn Shippuden opponent which uses “Substitution Jutsu” as a Combo-Breaker will replace itself with a log as it disappear in puff of smoke and reappear either behind or in front of your character depending on which direction it was facing before disappearing. You should respond by promptly using Quiet Step (S+L) followed by an attaông xã of your choosing:

- either by using a one hit move, or

- simply bộ combo your opponent if cchiến bại enough.

5. After a Sprint: You see, when a character Sprints from point A khổng lồ point B, they are untouchable while in motion & are visible as a blur. However there is a tiny window between the moment they reach point B, và the moment they can take an action. That’s your opening! You have to strike your opponent the instant they reach point B.

Before you can thiết đặt this scenario, you have sầu lớn be familiar with your opponent’s “Sprint Distance” because it’s different for each character.

Next is lớn create & maintain some distance from your opponent such that if they where to Sprint, they should arrive just within your reach. That way, the moment you see your opponent begin its Sprint, you have sầu already predicted where they should over up và you’ll use that time lớn prepare your strike.

6. When trying to lớn Snipe you: If your opponent attempts to snipe you with a projectile or energy beam whether it be a regular move or và SP. skill, here are some actions you can take khổng lồ turn things around:

- Teleport: Well… if your character can, và if you can vị so fast enough. If you get blocked, simply use Quiet Step khổng lồ either get closer lớn, or behind your opponent.

- Sprint or Quiet Step past the ranged attack: A recommended course of action for when your opponent is cđại bại. Against a projectile is not a problem, but against a beam, your best bet is khổng lồ Quiet Step into the air followed by a midair Sprint lớn get closer khổng lồ your opponent.

- Summon Help by pressing "O’ khổng lồ hotline forth a character, then immediately pressing ’S’ khổng lồ bloông xã the incoming attaông xã. The Summoned character will then strike your opponent, thereby interrupting its attaông chồng. Recommended against SPhường Skills. I also recommkết thúc you sumtháng characters that either teleport, lunge forward, or any other long ranged attacks. Minakhổng lồ, Nemu & Sai are my favorite for this purpose mostly because they don’t knockdown the opponent.

7. After getting knocked down: After you Knockdown your opponent, you should time an attachồng to strike your opponent the moment they get bachồng up. Your options include:

- Simply performing a bộ combo.

- Performing a multiple hit move that your opponent has khổng lồ bloông chồng. Your goal with this is either khổng lồ break their guard by depleting their Stamina, or to lớn force them inkhổng lồ blocking so you can implement the “While Blocking” tip which we have sầu already covered.

- Performing a one hit move sầu that when blocked by your opponent, depletes almost all its Stamimãng cầu. Immediately follow with Quiet Step, and then use any move sầu of your choosing lớn stun your opponent.

- Press "O’ khổng lồ summon help: either lớn distract your opponent while you exploit an opening, or khổng lồ flat out giảm giá damage.

Bleach vs Naruto lớn Tips - The B.E.C. RuleThe B.E.C. Rule is a guide to lớn surviving any & all dangerous situations in the game. Whether it be when you opponent uses Substitution Jutsu lớn get behind you, dealing with an opponent that can Teleport, or an opponent that tries lớn snipe you with a Special Move; these rules will help guide you on the best actions to lớn take in a pinch.

The B.E.C Rule Stands for: Blochồng, Evade & Counter.

1. Block: This is the least effective of the 3 rules. Why so? Because:

- Stamina meter limits how much punishment a character can take while blocking before its Guard breaks.

- Your opponent may also decide lớn Grtáo khuyết you instead. Blocking is ineffective against a Grtáo.

Despite these weakness, the Block can still be valuable if used wisely:

- Bloông xã, then Counter: After blocking a hit or two, carefully time a move of your own to lớn counter. These moves are usually S+J or S+U since they are safer because they are performed while you are holding down Bloông chồng ’S’.

- Blochồng, then SPhường Skill: After blocking a hit or two, carefully time a Special Move sầu lớn counter. S+I is recommended since it is safer because it is performed while you are holding down Blochồng ’S’.

- Block, then Quiet Step: After blocking a hit or two, use Quiet Step S+L lớn get behind your opponent and then attack.

You should fall bachồng to blocking if your other two options would be ineffective.

2. Evade: When it comes lớn evasion in Bleach vs Naruto lớn you have 4 options: Run, Jump, Sprint and Quiet Step.

- Run: Just get out of there! Its not that complicated. Just consider which direction lớn run.

- Jump: Not as effective sầu as ‘Run’, but still an option. Probably your last if your other options would not work.

- Sprint: Simply press "L’ and make yourself scarce even while airborne.

- Quiet Step: Press S+L or W+L khổng lồ invoke the Bleach vs Naruto lớn Deus Ex Machimãng cầu at anytime so long as you have sầu enough SP. & stamimãng cầu.

3. Counter: “Not all Bleach vs Naruto Combos are made equal” - JukiCombo. Wise words indeed.

Most moves in the game; especially flashy ones lượt thích Teleport Moves và others that take time lớn persize can (with great timing) be countered by another appropriate move.

Master your character’s moves & those of your opponent. Experiment endlessly & discover which of your moves can counter which of your opponent’s.

Here are some of your options:

- Counter using an SPhường Skill ("I’, S+I, W+I).

- Counter using any of the 6 Attaông xã "J’ và Skill "U’ moves. Teleport moves especially.

- Counter by using a Combo Breaker "O’ (Substitution Jutsu) and immediately attachồng before your opponent can recover.

- Counter by Summoning Assistance. They are great for causing interference và interrupting your opponent’s attacks. Great for when you have sầu neither SP or Stamimãng cầu.


Bleach vs Narulớn Tips - Quiet StepQuiet Step: Quiet Step is the Deus Ex Machimãng cầu of Bleach vs Naruto. It is performed by pressing “W+L” or “S+L”. It causes you khổng lồ move forward, baông chồng, up, or down a short distance while stopping or slowing down time. It is basically Sprint on Physics-defying Alien Steroids.

Quiet Step consumes both Mamãng cầu and Stamina thereby making it one of the most costly moves in the game.

Quiet Step allows you to lớn dodge attacks & escape almost all dangerous situations you may find yourself in, but make sure not khổng lồ spam it because if your Stamimãng cầu Meter hits zero, you can’t:

- Use Quiet Step,

- Sprint,

- Combo Breaker, or even

- Block.

Basically if you over use it you will leave sầu yourself vulnerable & unable to lớn either escape or defover yourself.

If an opponent is blocking your attack, use Quiet Step to get behind them và immediately strike. Omnidirectional blocking was removed in the version 3.0 revamp of Bleach vs Narulớn.

You can perkhung Combo Cancels using Quiet Step which will extkết thúc your combos into lớn what I Gọi “ Advanced Combos”, và in rare cases, inlớn Cheat/Infinite Combos; thereby allowing you khổng lồ giảm giá khuyến mãi massive sầu amounts of damage.

Its recommended you use Quiet Step immediately after stunning your opponent so you can capitalize on the opening.


Bleach vs Naruto Tips - Sprint/Dash4. Sprint/Dash: Press ‘L’ lớn travel some distance at high tốc độ on ground & even in the air as well. The distance travelled as well as the tốc độ of the Sprint varies greatly between characters.

In Bleach vs Narukhổng lồ, the Sprint is really important because it allows you to

- Evade attacks,

- quickly cthất bại the distance on your opponent, và

- extover combos.

Sprint is great for dodging attacks even when in the air. Its the second best evasive option: the first being Quiet Step, và other being running, jumping, teleporting, etc.

Whenever you see an opening, immediately use Sprint to lớn get cthua lớn your opponent and then attaông xã.

Some characters in the game extkết thúc their combos using Sprint amuốn other mean such & Jumping và Quiet Step.

It normally involves knocking your opponent some distance away, immediately Sprinting over, and then repeating.

This cycle can carry on until your opponent escapes, or in rare cases it can be performed indefinitely: that’s what we Điện thoại tư vấn a Cheat/Infinite Combo.

Its important to lớn know that there is a split second of vulnerability at the end of every Sprint.

You see, when a character Sprints; travelling from point A to lớn point B, there is a very short period between the instant they arrive at point B & the instant they can perform any other action. This very short timeframe is that moment of vulnerability and if you were lớn strike your opponent the instant they arrive sầu at point B, your attaông xã will be nearly impossible lớn react khổng lồ on time.


Bleach vs Narukhổng lồ Tips - TeleportationTeleportation:

This is when a character disappears and then reappears at a different location; usually right next lớn the opponent. Most characters in the game can teleport.

All characters that Teleport display a gesture: “Teleportation Gesture” as I lượt thích khổng lồ call it. It is the action/actions a character performs right before they disappear. It includes subtle body toàn thân movements & and sound. An example is Neji making hand signs lớn activate his Byakugan.

The duration of the gesture differs between characters và can range from near instantaneous lớn just under a second.

Becoming familiar with Teleportation Gesture of the characters in the game will give you an edge in battle as it will enable you lớn see through their attacks allowing you lớn deal with the incoming blow how you deem fit.

When fighting an opponent that Teleports, your options are to either:

- Run away,

- Sprint away,

- Block, or

- Counter the blow with a move best suited move sầu for that situation.

Moves best suited to Counter Teleportation include:

- A Teleportation move sầu of your own,

- An SP.. Skill (‘I’, S+I W+I),

- Any appropriate Attaông xã ("J’) or Skill ("U’) move sầu,

- A Sumtháng ("O’),

- A Combo Breaker ("O’) the moment your character gets hit, and

- Quiet Step (S+L or W+L).

It is worth noting that & opponent whose teleport attaông chồng fails to hit you becomes vulnerable for a very short while. Take advantage of those opportunities by Sprinting ("L’) and/or using Quiet Step (S+L or W+L) to close the distance on your opponent as quickly as possible before they can vì chưng anything.

Not all Teleportation Attacks are equal. IF your character has a better one, with the right timing you can simply counter that of your opponent’s with your own. Only IF, though.

Now left cover some Teleportation best practices:

- Teleport from a short yet safe distance so your opponent can’t interfere.

- Teleport IMMEDIATELY after your Sprint past or away from your opponent. This tends khổng lồ throw them off, and has a high chance of success especially when you use a character with a near instantaneous Teleportation Gesture Duration.

- Combo into lớn a Teleportation Move when you are a decent distance away from your opponent. This also tends to throw off your opponent và if you are cthảm bại enough, they will try attacking, which will leave sầu them wide open khổng lồ your Teleport Attaông xã.

Best example is Sasuke Hebi: JJU.

- As insurance, have sầu at least 1 bar in your SP. Meter available as much as possible so you can use Quiet Step either to escape or to get behind your opponent if they happen to lớn bloông xã your Teleport Attack.

- You can also use Quiet Step to cancel a Teleport Attachồng that tends khổng lồ knockdown your opponent before the last hit. This is a great way to lớn catch your opponent and perform a bộ combo from there.


Bleach vs Naruto Tips - Stamina MeterStamimãng cầu Meter: Stamina gets depleted whenever a character:

- performs a Sprint,

- a Combo Breaker,

- a Quiet Step, and

- Blocks attacks.

When a character’s Stamina is depleted lớn NEAR zero (turns from xanh to red), the affected character is unable to:

- Sprint,

- Persize a Combo Breaorr, or

- Perkhung a Quiet Step even with enough SPhường.

If your character is hit while its Stamina Meter is at Critical Level (red), the blow will stun it even if blocked.

Performing a Combo Breaker will deplete the Stamina Meter to lớn a Critical Level (red), so when your opponent does this be sure khổng lồ immediately attachồng them before their Stamimãng cầu replenishes itself, so as to lớn stun your opponent & render them helpless. My recommended tactic is the Quiet Step followed by:

- Running or Sprinting to the opponent then attacking,

- a Teleportation Move sầu,

- an appropriate SP Skill, or

- any appropriate Attachồng ‘J’ or Skill "U’ Move sầu.

Not all moves, when blocked deplete the same amount of Stamimãng cầu. Some moves are capable of knocking the Stamimãng cầu khổng lồ Critthen Level with only one blow (Heavy Blow). A great strategy is to immediately follow through with another attack which will result in your opponent becoming stunned. My recommended tactic is the Heavy Blow followed by Quiet Step, and then:

- Running or Sprinting to lớn the opponent then attacking,

- a Teleportation Move sầu,

- an appropriate SPhường Skill, or

- any appropriate Attack "J’ or Skill "U’ Move sầu.

Don’t spam the Sprint "L’ key: you’ll drain your Stamimãng cầu in no time. Conserve sầu it for more important situations so you’ll have enough Stamina lớn spare when you find yourself in a pinch.


Bleach vs Narulớn Tips - Quick RecoveryBLEACH VS NARUTO TIPS - QUICK RECOVERY

Quichồng Recovery: Can be performed by pressing ‘L’ the instant you hit the ground after being knocked down by your opponent. This let’s your character get bachồng up khổng lồ its feet immediately. However this won’t work 100% of the time.

Unless you have sầu a plan, don’t perkhung Quichồng Recovery if your opponent would be right next lớn where you would l&. There is a good chance they will strike you the instant you get up.

Some character’s Quick Recovery move is also an attack: Feel miễn phí lớn perkhung Quichồng Recovery all the time when using these characters and be ready to lớn capitalize on your stunned opponent whenever the “Quiông chồng Recovery Attack” connects.

Quichồng Recovery immediately followed by Quiet Step (S+L or W+L) is a great way lớn catch your opponent by surprise especially when they are right next to lớn where you are lớn l&.

Quiông chồng Recovery immediately followed by

- Teleportation, or

- a Sprint then Teleportation

is also an excellent idea. And if your Teleport Attack gets blocked, just use Quiet Step (S+L or W+L) khổng lồ either get away or get behind your opponent.


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