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boardroom coup/shake-up The departure of the chief executive và finance director in a boardroom coup has given rise to lớn takeover speculation.
The idea was lớn move labor grievances from the streets khổng lồ the courts & boardrooms under the watchful eye of state functionaries.
This process can be applied around patients" beds as well as family kitchen tables or corporate boardrooms.
Several novels giảm giá with the turbulent dramas besetting the corporate corridors of phonographic power: the studios và boardrooms, where careers are forged or destroyed.
It was not debated in the boardrooms và formulated as hospital or professional-society mission statements.
They appear khổng lồ operate more easily at the grassroots than in the boardroom, & their ability to lớn influence strategic planning & service delivery is far from proven.
Perhaps still more intriguing is that the "members" of this discipline routinely engage the public at the hospital bedside, in the institutional boardroom, and through public policy consultation.
It does not matter about tax give-aways or giving incentives to the boardroom or middle management—that is not what encourages investment.
A large proportion of this nation, in the boardroom no less than on the factory floor, is not working.
Those kinds of battles for supremacy take place in the boardrooms of the multinational companies of the world.
British engineers must earn their right to a position at the boardroom table just as they vày elsewhere.
Consequently, we cannot under any circumstances support quotas for women in the boardrooms of public companies, as proposed in the report.

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Of course, there is overrewarding in the boardroom—directors" remuneration this year totals £1,249,000.
That would sover an important signal to lớn people in boardrooms around the country who are deciding where lớn invest.
Boardroom members who are telling others khổng lồ pull in their belts & accept reasonable and affordable pay increases must show a lead.
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