Cannot load m3u8 là gì

If you see the error message "Cannot load M3U8: crossdomain name access denied", "Cannot load M3U8: 404 not found" or "Cannot load M3U8: No levels khổng lồ play" when trying lớn play a video clip stream in browser with a web player, the reason may boil down to the fault of web player itself, the ad-bloông xã plugin, extension, cađậy or the cookies of the browser. Whatever, once you got "Cannot load M3U8" problem from a streaming TV site or web player on Windows and Mac, you can find possible solutions from this place to lớn help solve cannot load M3U8 problem easily.

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One-stop Solution to lớn Solve Cannot Load M3U8 Problem – is versatile M3U8 streaming player software for M3U8 playback when M3U8 cannot load on browser. You can directly play the M3U8/IPTV streaming liên kết with it, as well as không tính phí download M3U8/MP4/MKV etc videos lớn play offline.


Jump to lớn the Error You Want to lớn Resolve:1. Cannot load M3U: crosstên miền access denied2. Cannot load M3U8: 404 not found 3. Cannot load M3U8: No levels to play 4. Best Free M3U8 Player to Play M3U8 Streams Directly - Best Solution

After ransacking the internet, I have found that the overall and simple solution khổng lồ fix Cannot load M3U8: crosstên miền access denied, 404 not found and no levels khổng lồ play can be found here:, including enable flash for the website, clear browser cabít, allow third-buổi tiệc ngọt cookies & disable ad-blocker. But if you need the specific how-khổng lồ guide for each specific problem, here we would offer detailed guides step by step to help solve sầu "M3U8 cannot load" error respectively.

Solve Cannot Load M3U8: Crosstên miền Access Denied


- "Anytime I try khổng lồ watch a đoạn phim on the site it gives me an error saying "Cannot load M3U8 crossdomain access denied." Does anyone know what I can bởi vì lớn fix this?"

Usually it is a problem caused by a proxy hệ thống or school/corporate firewall blocking your access. According lớn your browser, you can disable ad-bloông chồng, extension or just change the browser settings:

On IE: Go to lớn "Internet Options" > "Security" > "Internet" > choose "Custom Level" & scroll down khổng lồ "Miscellaneous" > find "Access data sources across domain" > set this to lớn "Enable" > restart your browser. As Chrome and Firefox internally refer lớn IE backed settings, the "Cannot load M3U8" problem on Chrome và Firefox would be solved as well after rephối your IE. If this doesn"t work for your Chrome or Firefox browser, you can go on reading.

On Chrome: Method 1. Go khổng lồ Settings > Advanced > Content Settings > Flash > Allow. Method 2. Rephối Chrome khổng lồ factory default settings. Method 3. Create a new user and sign in using your Google trương mục. Method 4. Toggle Use hardware acceleration: Go to lớn Chrome Menu > cliông chồng Settings > click Show Advanced Settings > scroll down lớn "System" and "uncheck/kiểm tra Use hardware when available" > restart Chrome. Method 5. If you have sầu any antivirus or firewall, ensure that it is trusted by Chrome or just disable them to lớn see if it works.

On Firefox: From Mozilla Support Forum, we found the most useful solution is trying khổng lồ update the extensions và flash player M3U8 đoạn phim streaming.

Also, the "Cannot load M3U8: crosstên miền access denied" error occurs if the online M3U8 player is not that powerful when you directly watch a đoạn Clip on a site.

Cannot Load M3U8 Occurs on Plex and Twitch? You Can: Go lớn "Internet Options" of IE > "Security" > "Internet" > choose "Custom Level" và scroll down khổng lồ "Miscellaneous" > find "Access data sources across domain" & set this khổng lồ "Enable". Or if you have sầu installed & enabled a browser extension like "HTTPS Everywhere" during M3U8 đoạn Clip streaming, please disable that extension lớn solve the problem.

JWPlayer Cannot Load M3U8: Crosstên miền Access Denied? You Can: Often the case, when M3U8 cannot load on JWPlayer, there often comes with and error code 2048. And JWPlayer officially suggests you to upgrade the player khổng lồ solve sầu the problem.


- "I got this strange message today when trying to play an MP4 movie with AC3 Audio in Plex/Web. Direct Stream and Direct Play enabled, but Flash Player starts in Chrome on OS X. After trying a second time the movie starts without problems. Any clue?"

It is a typical HTTP-standard respond code indicating that the client was able to lớn communicate with a given VPS, but the server could not find what was requested. You will get this issue not strictly with MP4 or MKV formatted files, but the most possible reason is that the tệp tin has been removed from the trang web.

Solutions to lớn Cannot Load M3U8: 404 not Found: 1. Retry the web page by pressing F5, clicking the refresh/reload button or trying the URL from the address bar again. 2. Cheông chồng if your URL is typed wrong. 3. Clear browser"s cache & cookies. 4. If an entire trang web is giving you a 404 error or if the website is working on other networks, change the DNS servers used by your computer. 5. Liên hệ the website directly to make sure if the site owner removes the page, if it is true, they would like to redirect you to a new page with the same contents.

Some people said that they solve the 404 not found error successfully by playing M3U8 file with VLC, & so you are also suggested khổng lồ try it if the above sầu solutions are not workable for you.


This kind of M3U8 error normally occurs when nội dung privacy settings of browser are set to lớn bloông xã third-các buổi tiệc nhỏ data & cookies. To fix this, please follow the below instructions.

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On Google Chrome: Go to lớn Settings > Advanced > scroll down to lớn find Content Settings or Site Settings > find Cookies và cliông chồng on it > find "Blochồng Third Party Cookies and Site Data" và make sure this is un-selected > cthua trận and reopen your browser to lớn see if it works.

On Safari: Go to Preferences > select Privacy tab > change "Cookies & Website Data" khổng lồ "Always Allow" > completely cthua down the browser & reopen it.

Alternatively, you can try to disable the extension or ad-blocker on your browser lớn solve the problem.

Hope these workarounds we gather could bởi vì some help for you lớn solve sầu cannot load M3U8 errors. But if they are not that useful khổng lồ your case, maybe you can try a more direct way to play M3U8 videos and streams.

Best Free M3U8 Player to Play M3U8 Streams Directly is a HLS -based M3U8 player software as of now for you to HLS streaming M3U/M3U8 playlists URL from IPTV, sports channels, TV show channels or online sites smoothly with a minimum delay. It is a desktop application for M3U8 streaming without browsers" or website players" M3U8 errors, say "Cannot load M3U8: crossdomain name access denied", "Cannot load M3U8: 404 not found" & "Cannot load M3U8: No levels to play". It has a svào in-built URL analyzer that could fast và accurately parse the M3U8 truyền thông media URL và play it without errors.

How to Play M3U8 with

Step 1. Get the M3U8 playlists URL you need to lớn stream from online channels. Step 2. Free download on Mac or Windows, install và launch it. Step 3. Clichồng on the Live sầu inhỏ on the main user interface of, input the .m3u8 playmenu URL to lớn the box & then clichồng on Play. will automatically start the M3U8 streaming after seconds of preloading.


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