If you have been already using any software or hàng hóa from Autodesk, you have probably faced “Chromium Host Executable (32 bit)” issue onced in your digital work life. As we all know, Autodesk is a well-known company specialize in Educational & Professional software solutions i.e. AutoCad which is majorly being used by the students và professionals. Since the softwares are designed for the heavy work-load và supposed to deliver high performance, the issue like “chromium host executable autocad” occurs sometimes due khổng lồ high CPU usage of your computer system. In high CPU usage, the PC turns tipsy & behaves like anonymously sometimes. 

We’ve sầu seen many posts and threads asking about how lớn solve the “chromium host executable” issue on various public forums but however they are not getting proper answers on it though. So, here we’ve sầu decided khổng lồ go through it deeply with a glass of beer, analyse the issues, know the facts on the same, và write this guide khổng lồ get you out of this issue. Also, we’ve noticed that the people having this issue are mainly the audience of Autocad software only. Just have a look on what people asked on forums:

How lớn disable chromium host executable 32 bit autocad?Facing autocad chromium host executable error. What khổng lồ do?How khổng lồ resolve sầu chromium host executable 32 bit high cpu virus?Is that acwebbrowser chromium host executable issue the same as Autocad?How to remove sầu autodesk chromium host executable?Getting chromium host executable in my task manager? What’s that?

Some people named this issue as a virus but khổng lồ be very precise, this is not a virut.

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Actually, it’s a normal issue faced by the users who are using any software or hàng hóa of Autodesk on their Windows PC. Generally, the “Chromium Host Executable (32 bit)” comes when your system pushes their high CPU usage limit khổng lồ fulfill the essential amount of resource required khổng lồ perform & run operations of the AutoCad software. If you go through the task manager, you would clearly see that the software named “Chromium Host Executable” or “acwebbrowser.exe pháo (32 bit)” is occupying a very high amount of CPU and Memory resources as compared khổng lồ all running programs shown in your task manager. 

What Actually is “Chromium Host Executable (32 Bit)”?

This issue is also shown as “acwebbrowser.exe” in Task Manager sometimes. If you see “Chromium Host Executable (32 bit)” or “acwebbrowser.exe” in your Task Manager, you are apparently using computer graphics và animation modeling programs called Autodesk Maya also on your PC. 


Now, the program will stop working on its own in the background since you disabled it already and you’ll not face any high CPU usage rate (Chromium Host executable) and processing issues on your PC. 

Method 3: Uninstall the AutoDesk Applications

Last method you may try if the above methods didn’t work for you. The last & rest option is to lớn uninstall all the Autodesk applications from your computer system khổng lồ sort the “Chromium Host executable” issue for ever. You are always miễn phí to reinstall it again on your PC whenever you require it. Lets see the steps khổng lồ uninstall the Autodesk softwares from your Windows PC.

First, open “Control Panel” from the start thực đơn and hit the “Programs và Application”.Next, you’ll see a danh sách of already installed softwares & applications on your PC.Find out all the Autodesk software installed on your PC, select them, & cliông xã on “uninstall” the selected applications to uninstall them all from your PC.Last, you have sầu followed all the instructions on the screen lớn completely sort the issue.

To make sure of yourself, open the “Task Manager” và check the CPU usage rate. You’ll see the usage rate will go down baông xã khổng lồ the normal state.

Final Words

By using the above sầu methods, you can sort the “Chromium Host executable 32 bit” High CPU usage rate issue easily. If in case of any stuchồng or confusion, you’re always không lấy phí to write to lớn us regarding the issue you are facing. We’ll try our best lớn give you an exact fix on it.