Abbreviation for continued

Handy as they might be, abbreviations can sometimes lead to lớn problems. There might be more than one way to abbreviate a certain word, for example. There also might even be a wrong way lớn vì chưng it. With continued, both of these issues are present.

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The most commonly recommended abbreviation for “continued” is cont. Cont’d is also a correct way khổng lồ make “continued” shorter. It’s a contraction, rather than an abbreviation. When writing continued on next page you should consider spelling out the full phrase instead of using a shortened khung.
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Cont. vs. Cont’d

Most style guides, including The Chicago Manual of Style, advise that if you have sầu to lớn abbreviate the word continue, you should write “cont” and add a period after it. Using cont.

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as the abbreviation for continued will not get you in trouble in general use, & it probably won’t get you in trouble in academic or professional use. That being said, if you have sầu khổng lồ adhere to a specific style guide when you’re writing, it would be a good idea lớn kiểm tra it for instructions.


Cont’d is another way of making continued shorter. Even though it might not be mentioned in style guides, it’s not incorrect. Take a look at the word “can’t.” Its full size is “cannot,” but if you take out some of the letters from the middle & add an apostrophe where they should be, you get a grammatically correct contraction. With cont’d, you’re taking out the “inue” from “continued” và replacing it with an apostrophe. What you get isn’t an abbreviation, but it is a contraction.

Con’t, on the other h&, mixes the rules of abbreviations and contractions. It lacks more than half of the letters of the original word, và it has an apostrophe in an inappropriate place. You should avoid using it.

How to lớn Write “Continued on Next Page”

In some cases, you might want khổng lồ point out that something continues on the next page. In most situations you don’t have sầu to lớn vì it—people know how to lớn read something that’s written over multiple pages, và page numbers are usually all you need khổng lồ keep a document in order.

However, if you’re creating a table, for example, that spans multiple pages, you might want lớn point out that it continues on another page. In journalism, stories sometimes start on one page of a newspaper & continue on another non-adjacent page. In both cases, writing “continued on next page,” or “continued on page X” is the best way lớn ensure that the person reading understands where to find the rest of the text.