Cry of fear

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=Release Date=As shown on Facebook & our main website, we have set the release date of the Stand Alone release for April 24th, which is in a week.Cry of Fear will be re-released for không tính tiền on Steam, where you won"t need Half-Life to lớn play it. It will be completely st& alone.=IndieDB=As you may have noticed, we have sầu now switched over to lớn IndieDB, or rather, the games section.What this means, is that Cry of Fear is no longer a hack, but a game. This means that other people can create mods for Cry of Fear as in Custom Campaigns. Some examples of that are: you the 24th of April=But until then, follow us on our trang web at Facebook IndieDB:

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December 11, 2012 -ruMpel

***Vote this if you want it to be available on Steam! This is a không tính tiền thủ thuật, and should stay không tính phí. We will not sell it, it will only make it easier for you to tải về if it appears on Steam***DOWNLOAD:Download Cry of Fear here: wake up in a dark alley, not knowing anything. What has happened anyway? You struggle after the truth and answers. Answers you want lớn know in the darkness and fear, which makes your heartbeat race like violent blows against your head.Where bởi "they" come from? What has happened? Are you just turning insane?The time is up; you can"t stay there reading your smses forever. It"s time lớn head out and find the answers.Cry of Fear is a singleplayer modification of Half-Life 1 which brings you the horror you"ve always been afraid of. It"s a total conversion of Half-Life 1, which means it uses NO Half-Life 1 content or other peoples" files. It"s all made exclusively by the developers. It also uses new gaming styles that you will rarely find in Half-Life mods, such as advanced cutscenes and technical features.FEATURES:*True survival horror*~8 hours long Single Player campaign*Up lớn 30 hours of gameplay*Dual wielding of different weapons và items*Iron sights*Advanced cutscenes*Co-op*Real life locations of Stockholm, Sweden*7 different endings*~30 unlockables