Delight là gì

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delight /di"lait/ danh từ sự vui thích, sự vui sướnglớn give sầu delight to: đưa về thích thú cho điều yêu thích, niềm khoái cảmmusic is his chief delight: music là chiếc thích thú tốt nhất của anh ấy talớn the delight of tạo cho vui thíchto take delight in mê mẩn ưa thích, yêu thích thú ngoại đụng từ làm vui mê say, có tác dụng vui phấn chấn, khiến khoái cảm, làm cho say mêto be delighted: vui say đắm, vui sướng nội cồn từ thích thú, si mê thíchlớn delight in reading: mê mẩn say mê hiểu sách


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Từ điển Collocation

delight noun

1 feeling of great pleasure

ADJ. deep, great, intense | absolute, utter | pure, sheer | mischievous, perverse | childish/childlượt thích | endless | evident, obvious | mutual | aesthetic, sensual, spiritual His mind was reeling with an almost aesthetic delight at the beauty of the thing.

VERB + DELIGHT express | find, take She took evident delight in frightening the children with horror stories. | give sb | scream with, squeal with, whoop with Alice squealed with sheer delight when she saw the monkeys. | be greeted with The news was greeted with great delight.

PREP.. in/with ~ We danced around with childish delight. | of ~ She gave a whoop of delight and dived inlớn the water. | lớn your ~ To my great delight, they phoned and offered me the job. | ~ at He expressed his delight at seeing us all again. | ~ in I find a perverse delight in listening to traffic.

PHRASES a cry/gasp/squeal of delight, much to lớn sb"s delight Much lớn the delight of the crowd, the band came bachồng & did three encores.

2 sth that gives great pleasure

ADJ. real | constant, continual The baby was a constant delight & source of amazement. | unexpected | culinary, gastronomic

VERB + DELIGHT explore, sample | enjoy, savour Savour the culinary delights of Morocteo.

PREP. lớn The old lady"s reminiscences were a continual delight lớn Constance.

Từ điển WordNet



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English Synonym and Antonym Dictionary

delights|delighted|delightingant.: grief sadness sorrow

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