With just a few clicks, you can integrate all WinPE versions of DLC Boot 2019, AnhDV Boot 2020 and HKBoot 2017 into the AIO Boot drive. These WinPE versions are extremely lightweight, the XP version can be used for machines with 512MB of RAM or even less. Various utilities and software are included, making it easy to diagnose and rescue your computer. Supports booting in both UEFI and Legacy modes.

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DLC Boot, AnhDV Boot and HKBoot have a lot of utilities, DOS programs, but AIOCreator only extracts WinPE versions with necessary utilities for those WinPE versions. If you want to integrate DOS programs, you can extract the files in these ISOs and integrate it using AIOCreator.


Run AIOCreator.exe, switch to the Integration tab, select Windows and then choose DLC Boot, AnhDV Boot or HKBoot in the drop-down list.Continue to select the corresponding ISO/RAR file that you have downloaded. Then click OK to proceed.Boot into Grub2, you will see corresponding menus in the main menu.

DLC Boot 2019 (v3.6)

DLC Boot 2019 (v3.6) is currently the latest version. You can download it from my Google Drive link here.


WinPE versions are included:

WinPE 10 x64.WinPE 10 x86.WinPE Mini XP (Legacy).

AnhDV Boot 2020

AnhDV Boot 2020 is the latest version and is being updated continuously. Download it at its home page here.

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WinPE Mini XP version is extremely lightweight, supports running on old computers with 512MB RAM or less.

WinPE versions are included:

WinPE 10 x64.WinPE 8 x86.WinPE 8 x86 Lite (Legacy).WinPE Mini XP (Legacy).

HKBoot 2017

HKBoot 2017 is currently the latest version. This tool has been out of development since 2017 but it’s really cool so far. All WinPE versions from HKBoot support both UEFI and Legacy. Download HKBoot from its official homepage here.


WinPE versions are included:

WinPE 10 x64.WinPE 10 x86.WinPE 8 x64.WinPE 8 x86.

In addition, Sergei Strelec and many other WinPE versions are also supported for integration. AIO Boot will support to integrate more WinPE versions in the future. If you have any suggestions, leave a comment below.