A look at the top 5 DMRs (Designated Mini Rifles) in PUBG mobile.Some of these DMRs are available in all the maps in the game, while some others are found only in specific maps.

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Player Unknown Battlegrounds, known more commonly by its acronym PUBG, is a game that has helped millions of players tackle boredom during the ongoing COVID-19 lockdown. PUBG Smartphone has been downloaded more than 600 million times around the globe & has active daily players numbering around 14 million.

The PUBG thiết bị di động game, officially released on 19th March 2018, features a lot of weapon categories lượt thích AR (Assault Rifles), Bolt-action xạ thủ rifles & DMR (Designated Marksman Rifle), etc. khổng lồ name a few.

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DMRs fill the gap between AR & Bolt action xạ thủ rifles in PUBG mobile. There are six different types of DMRs available in PUBG điện thoại. Some of them are available on all the maps in the game while some others are available only in selective sầu maps. This classification includes guns from drops and also from normal floor loot.

On that note, let"s have a look at the top five DMRs in PUBG điện thoại.

#5: Mini 14

The Mini 14 is a semi-automatic rifle that can be found on floor loot in Erangel, Miramar, and Vikendi maps in PUBG thiết bị di động. It takes 5.56 mm calibre bullets.

It is one of the most-used guns of many pro players in the PUBG Mobile community. This gun can be effectively used for medium và long-range battles và can sometimes be used in close-range battles when no other option is available.


Damage: 46

Magazine capacity: 20 (can be extended khổng lồ 30 using extended mag)

Bullet speed: 990 m/s

Fire rate: 0.100 second.

Scope: Every scope can be attached.

Combined with: M416, Groza, M762, AKM, Scar-l, & other ARs.

This gun in PUBG Smartphone has the lowest damage in the DMR category but makes up for it by its high bullet speed. The damage of this gun decreases after a distance of 4trăng tròn meters but it can be versatile if used effectively.

#4: SKS (Samozaryadny Karabin sistemy Simonova)

SKS, also known as Smozaryadny Karabin Sistemy Simonovaa, is a DMR that is found across all the maps in PUBG thiết bị di động. This gun uses 7.62 mm calibre bullets.

The SKS is effective sầu in mid-range & close-range fights. Due to lớn its high recoil, it is harder lớn control in long-range. However, this DMR can take in most attachments, which makes it effective in all battle ranges.

Damage: 55.


Magazine capacity: 10 (can be extended khổng lồ đôi mươi using extended mag).

Bullet speed: 800 m/s.

Fire rate: 0.09 seconds.

Scope: Every scope can be attached.

Combined with: AKM, M416, M762, Scar-l và other ARs.

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SKS is a higher skill cap gun than Mini 14. But owing to the fact that it can take a lot of attachments và the damage it can inflict, the SKS makes is a prefered choice for a lot of players. This gun is not seen very commonly in fights. This is because players prefer guns with lower recoil which are easier to lớn use than finding all the attachments for the SKS to make it more usable.

#3: SLR (Self Loading Rifle)

SLR, also know as Self Loading Rifle, is found on all maps in PUBG thiết bị di động. It is a better or advanced version of the SKS. Like the SKS, the SLR also uses 7.62 mm calibre bullets along with possessing a few other similarities.

The SLR has a higher recoil as compared khổng lồ the SKS. The damage dealternative text by this gun is also more compared khổng lồ the SKS. The bullet speed of an SLR is more than the SKS, which makes the bullet drop lesser than that of the SKS.

Damage: 58.

Magazine capacity: 10 (can be extended khổng lồ trăng tròn using extended mag)


Bullet speed: 823 m/s.

Fire rate: 0.084 seconds.

Scope: Every scope can be attached.

Combined with: M762, M416, Scar-l, AKM & other ARs.

The SLR is more effective sầu at a long-range if a player has time to lớn bring down its recoil. Unlike the SKS, the SLR has no fore grip. The SLR is a good gun for the Miramar map of PUBG mobile which is a large maps, and long-range fights are most common in this map.

#2: QBU

The QBU is arguably the second best DMR in PUBG di động. This gun is only found in the Sanhok map & is similar to lớn its counterpart, the Mini 14. Both the guns use 5.56 mm calibre bullets.

Compared lớn the Mini 14, this gun has lower recoil which further reduces when going prone due to lớn its bi-pod(stand). The damage inflicted by both the guns is similar but the QBU is ahead of Mini 14 on the damage front by two hit points.

Damage: 48.

Magazine capacity: 10 (can be extended khổng lồ đôi mươi using extended mag)

Bullet speed: 945 m/s.

Fire rate: 0.094 seconds.


Scope: Every scope can be attached.

Combined with: QBZ, M416, AKM, M762 & other ARs.

The QBU is the most stable DMR in PUBG di động due lớn its bipod. It is the most suitable DMR for all the maps in the game. However, its lack of availability on the other maps in PUBG Mobile makes it the best DMR for the Sanhok maps in the game.

#1: MK14 EBR

The MK14 is an enhanced battle rifle that is found only in airdrops. It is the best DMR in PUBG Smartphone due to lớn its automatic mode và capathành phố to lớn inflict high damage. This gun uses a 7.62 milimet calibre which is also used in SKS and SLR.

The MK14 gun is very dangerous at cthua range due to its automatic firing mode. Most of the pro players don"t use this gun for long-range skirmishes due to its recoil in long range. But its bipod makes it much more stable when shooting in a prone position.