DraStic DS Emulator APK is a Nintenbởi DS simulation application developed by Exophase. If you don’t know, Nintenvị DS has been Nintendo’s favorite video clip game console.

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Nintenbởi vì DS, abbreviated is DS, is a handheld game console with two screens (Dual Screen). This is a very popular đoạn Clip console game and sold in the United States on November 24, 2004. The device has two LCD screens running in parallel at the same time, especially the lower screen with built-in touch, So you can choose touch control or use buttons on either side of the screen to lớn play games.


Similar lớn GameBoy, this portable game console incorporates a wireless microphone that supports Wi-Fi connectivity so you can interact online with others. The opponent of this machine is Sony’s PlayStation. In order not to be outdone with its rivals, Nintenvị has now developed the DS for a new step when officially launching the 3DS gaming machine.

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Overview information

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DraStic DS Emulator
Licence Resolved
Android 4.1

Nintenvì chưng DS for Android?

As I said, in order not lớn be left behind by Sony, Nintenbởi developed a 3DS khổng lồ replace the DS. And now, DS is no longer developed by Nintenvị và sold in the game market. However, with DraStic DS Emulator, you can play DS games right on your điện thoại thông minh.


Like DamonPS2 PRO, Exophase is a very talented developer and passionate about handheld game systems, they regret it when the DS is no longer developed and wants to lớn bring it into the smartphone. It’s convenient when you can play DS games right on your phone. You can enjoy your favorite games anytime, anywhere.

Main features

Support high resolution: This application supports and enhances up to lớn 2 times the resolution of 3D games on the DS device (works only on high-kết thúc core phone devices).Customize the screen position: You can completely customize the position of the two screens, you can leave sầu two parallel screens or one screen on top, one screen below.Supporting backup và resume at all times: Like GameBoy, this great phầm mềm supports save backup at the state you are playing. If you are playing but someone Call, you can save the game & continue at that stage when you return.

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Highly optimized: Experience the game at the best unique. The publisher has optimized the application to the maximum, increasing compatibility on all phones with many different configurations.Battery saver: For users to play games for hours, the developer also adds battery saving features to lớn their apps.File storage synchronization: In order for you khổng lồ not đại bại the game’s archive sầu tệp tin when you restore factory settings, this phầm mềm also allows you to synchronize storage via Google Drive sầu.Fast-forward: To speed up your application, they have added this feature. There are some games with long & boring conversations that you can speed up to skip through those boring segments.Supports cheat codes: Entering cheat codes can achieve sầu something in the game depending on the type of code. If you’ve ever played Poketháng, you’ll know what a cheat code is.


DraStic DS Emulator is a great application for those who love the game series on DS. Not only is there a lot of great features, but the tiện ích also does not contain ads either.

Besides, you can experience DamonPS2 PRO – a PS2 emulator for Android. If you have sầu any questions about how khổng lồ install or how to use this application, please leave sầu your phản hồi below the article. We will reply lớn you as soon as possible.