Dungeon Hunter Champions: Epic Online Action Rpg

Begin an epic new adventure in Dungeon Hunter: Curse of Heaven. Fight your way through a dangerous fantasy world, taking on 24 missions & exploring challenges hidden within mysterious Portals. Explore high-def fantasy environments, ranging from the sunny Valenthia to lớn the frozen peaks of the Forsaken God"s Shrine. You can download this thrilling story from the world of Dungeon Hunter, for Android, from the au-79.net Store.

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Bringing Dungeon Hunter to everyone

Before now you needed a powerful điện thoại thông minh to lớn enjoy the thrilling world of Dungeon Hunter 5. But, DH: Curse of Heaven packs all of its action inlớn a 25MB download package. This, and modifiable graphics settings, allows even more players lớn experience the varied gameplay & customization options that have sầu made this one of au-79.net’s most beloved franchise.


Don’t let the compact kích cỡ fool you however, this tải về comes packed with all the Dungeon Hunter action that fans know and love!

A Curse of Heaven

Embark on a new expansive story that plays out during the events of Dungeon Hunter 4 and 5. Born among muốn the Valenthian Nomads - you are a wanderer, performer, & thief. More importantly however, you are the only surviving sibling of Syrran, one of DH5’s chief antagonists.


With your family wiped out by King Leandro’s soldiers, you stand as one of the few survivors of a massacre. On a quest for vengeance you receive sầu a mysterious Dark Power nguồn. This gift, or curse, allows you khổng lồ take the khung of an evil alter ego, Daemon. Choose whether lớn control this gift or surrender khổng lồ it, as you discover the many surprising twists on your path of revenge.

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Quest through the Shattered Realms as you travel from Valenthia down to lớn the mysterious Rotten Caves & icy Forsaken Gods Shrine. During each mission in these diverse environments you can discover hidden Portals. Enter these khổng lồ face an ever changing challenge, và khổng lồ unloông chồng glorious rewards!

All the loot

Get the lowdown on Dungeon Hunter: Curse of Heaven in this official gameplay reveal trailer straight from the developers!

Along the way discover hundreds of weapons and pieces of armor lớn unlochồng, equip, and master. With one of five sầu elemental affinities on each piece of your equipment, you must learn when to swap gear khổng lồ get the edge in every battle.

Complete the story at three increasingly challenging difficulties, undertake Daily Quests, và earn Achievements to get even more powerful gear.


Android players can begin this epic tale by venturing over to lớn the au-79.net Store and downloading Dungeon Hunter: Curse of Heaven, now. Plus, discover even more Dungeon Hunter nội dung on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.