Evilbane 2

EvilBane is a haông xã & slash action game HARD! Not only presenting the brutal and epic gameplay featured by the character"s character, EvilBane also has a storyline in his typical Japanese style anime story that combines loyalty, patriotism & betrayal.

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In addition, EvilBane also provides a variety of interesting features including PvP content, such as Arena and Guild Battle.

Evilbane also provides PvE nội dung, such as Story Mode, Raids và many more that gamers can feel when playing Evilbane.

There are 3 different main character choices with different status and skill of course, that is Luke, Khara, & Vango. Where each character can gamers attach costume.


EvilBane has a graph that is already very good for the form size of thiết bị di động games. Its 3D graphics give gamers its own satisfaction for game enthusiast gamers with good graphics on the điện thoại.

In addition EvilBane also has a costume option for an interesting use.

But besides costume EvilBane also has an equip that will affect the appearance of gamers characters of course.

chơi Game / Battle System

EvilBane has an RPG action game style supported with a skill variant. Where then gamers can determine for themselves the combination of skills that will be produced when playing EvilBane.

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The ability of gamers characters is determined from the equip that gamers use, from the cấp độ of equip, to combine it lớn get better equip again. Skill that gamers have sầu will depend on the rarity of weapons that gamers have.


At the beginning of the game gamers will be given a choice of which characters will gamers use. But in the future gamers can buy other characters for 10,000 gold. If the gamers change characters will not repeat the màn chơi from the beginning.

Adventure Mode has an exciting & thrilling story. Each Season will consist of several chapters that gamers can play và of course there are prizes in each chapter.


In addition lớn adventure there is also a dungeon name. In dungeon gamers will be offered quest lượt thích other games.


If gamers love sầu playing action games on thiết bị di động, EvilBane can be an option. But for gamers who are more happy with RPG, can also phối the game in the direction of Auto-Battle and only live sầu mix what skills will be used.

When fighting against certain bosses, it will certainly be a bit tricky khổng lồ add lớn the excitement và experience of playing EvilBane

Equip System

Overall, there are 6 rarities for the existing equip, common, uncomtháng, rare, heroic, legendary, and mythic.


Each equip gamers will raise the level first lớn be able to lớn upgrade gamers to lớn a higher rarity. The higher the rarity the more and the great skill that gamers have in one character.



Overall EvilBane is worth playing. Especially for gamers who really love sầu RPG action games for di động. For gamers who are happy with high graphics di động games, EvilBane is also a great choice.