Kingston Dt101 G2 8Gb Pen Drive Not Formating

Check out this paper lớn study how to lớn fix the issue “Kingston DT 101 G2 not recognized in Windows 10/8/7” quickly & simply.

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The issue aforementioned can be related khổng lồ one or more factors listed below:

It is infected with virus. If so, you can run anti-virut software.

The partition table of it is corrupted.

The file system of Kingston DT 101 G2 is corrupted.

There are bad sectors on the Kingston DT 101 G2 USB.


To fix Kingston DT 101 G2 not recognized in Windows 10/8/7 issue, you can refer khổng lồ the following solutions.

Note: Before you take steps to fix the issue, it is highly recommended khổng lồ recover data from Kingston USB, if there are necessary files on it. To recover data, you can turn to lớn data recovery software lượt thích Recuva, PhotoRec & so on.

Option 1. Check Kingston DT 101 G2 USB for bad sectors

As listed above sầu, bad sectors can be a cause of Kingston DT 101 G2 USB not working. To confirm whether there is a bad sector, you can employ Disk Surface Test in AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard.

Free tải về it và have a try!

Download FreewareWin 10/8.1/8/7/XP
Secure Download

1. Install & run it. In the main console, locate Kingston Data Traveler USB, right-click it & choose Surface Test.

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2. In the pop-up window, kiểm tra Quick Test và cliông chồng Start.

Option 2. Rebuild Partition Table for Kingston USB flash drive

When the problem happens out of damaged table, you can rebuild partition table of Kingston USB. Here are the detailed steps:

1. Fire up AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard, right-clichồng the Kingston USB và go khổng lồ Rebuild MBR


2. It pops up a window where you should choose the MBR type based on your current OS.


3. Go bachồng khổng lồ the main interface. Clichồng Apply and Proceed khổng lồ commit operation.



Option 3. Format Kingston DT 101 GB USB

If the tệp tin system of Kingston USB is corrupted or not supported by Windows operating system, it won’t be working. In such condition, you can format it with a file system compatible with Windows through the steps given below:

PS.: What I want lớn prompt you is that formatting will destroy all data.

1. Press Windows +Rat the same time, đầu vào "" and clichồng "OK".

2. Then, run commands as follows:

list disk

select disk n, n refers khổng lồ the disk number of Kingston USB that not working

list partition

select partition m, “m” is the partition number of the partition that you’ll format

format fs=ntfs quick



You can also choose to format USB drive with FAT32 or exFAT.

What if Kingston USB not showing up in Explorer?

You can repair Kingston Data Traveler 101 G2 USB detected but not accessible problem with the methods presented above. However, what should you vày when you can’t view the USB in Windows Explorer? Keep reading the following text to lớn get an answer.

If your Kingston USB is not assigned with a drive letter, it won’t appear in File Explorer. If so, you can assign a drive sầu letter to lớn it in Disk Management.

If it still disappears in Disk Management, you can update or reinstall driver for the Kingston USB in Device Manager

If you have disabled the USB interface in BIOS, it won’t show up in Device Manager. Here, you can enable USB device in BIOS.