The game distribution service GOG flies a bit under the radar in the grand scheme of things. It is not the largest nor the store with the biggest selection of games. GOG is different in several key aspects, however, và that makes it an interesting choice for some users.

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GOG offers DRM miễn phí games và content, has a strong focus on classic games, & does not require the installation of a gaming client.

The company launched GOG Galaxy, its gaming client, in 2018 as an optional component. Customers could, but did not have sầu to, tải về GOG Galaxy khổng lồ better manage games, game updates, and use functionality that GOG added khổng lồ the client regularly.

A major update, GOG Galaxy 2.0, was teased in May 2019 và customers could sign-up for a place in the beta of the client. One of the revealed features made version 2.0 of the client a very interesting update, one that could very well boost the popularity of the client significantly. GOG highlighted that Galaxy 2.0 would function as a multi-platform client so that customers could manage all their games using it.

One of the main issues today on PC is that several gaming companies & publishers created platforms to lớn sell games. Steam may be the largest on PC but there are also stores by EA, Ubisoft, Epic, and Microsoft, to lớn name just a few of the larger players.


I received my invite khổng lồ the closed beta recently and spover some time using the client. The client picks up data from an existing GOG Galaxy installation và can be installed on Windows 8 or newer versions of Windows. The current client, GOG Galaxy 1.2, supports Windows 7 as well. The new client is also available for Mac OS X 10.12 or newer.

Note: the client is still in beta. Some features may not work properly yet and bug are lớn be expected. I did not experience many though during my initial thử nghiệm of the platform update.

GOG Galaxy 2.0 should pichồng up all games purchased on GOG automatically after you sign-in to lớn the client. You can manage these just like before & browse the library, install or uninstall games, and start lớn play them.

The major new feature of the new version is the ability khổng lồ connect lớn other platforms. A click on "add games & friends" và the selection of "connect platforms" begins the process.

The current version of the client supports the following platforms besides Xbox Live sầu, Epic Games Store, Origin, Playstation Network, Steam, Uplay.

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All you need to vị at this point is lớn clichồng on the "connect" button next lớn the platsize that you want khổng lồ integrate. GOG Galaxy 2.0 downloads a component that is required for the integration và displays the supported features in a prompt.

To use Steam as an example. Steam users get lớn integrate the game library in the GOG Galaxy 2.0 client, may install & launch games from the platsize, & get khổng lồ use achievement & game time features.

The friends functionality is limited as only recommendations by friends are provided but not the menu of friends or chat functionality.


Once you hit connect you get a new login prompt for the service to authenticate. All games of the library are imported then & any game that is already installed on the system will be recognized as such. GOG plans to integrate single game imports in a future version.

Galaxy 2.0 divides games by client và provides a full listing of all games next lớn that. You may use filters, e.g. by platsize or system, to limit results.

If installations are supported, you may install any game directly from the Galaxy 2.0 client if you want to lớn. You may also install using the native client và GOG Galaxy 2.0 will pick up the installation automatically.

chú ý that installations và playing of third-party platform games requires the installation of these platforms on the device. You still kết thúc up having to install them all if the platforms require that but can manage all games from a single client.

Closing Words

GOG Galaxy 2.0 left a great impression. While still in beta, it worked well & for the most part as expected. The idea to create a client to lớn manage games on multiple platforms is great as it improves manageability significantly.

If GOG manages to integrate friends and chats for all these platforms as well, or at least notifications when friends start khổng lồ play certain games, it could very well turn out lớn become my main gaming client on Windows.