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Still Time To Impact Your năm trước Holiday Season Performance

Order Today for Rapid Delivery! The holiday season is upon us! Every lesson you learned & fixed during the past 10 months will be tested khổng lồ the fullest starting in just days. So what last second process, tool or step can you add to your operations right now that can impact your 2014 over of year push? The ability to have sầu your managers and workers improve:

Productivity… by moving up lớn five times fasterAccuracy… by not being physically exhausted during the dayCommunications… by being able to literally be at and see all areas of the facilityManagement… being able to lớn intervene immediately with correct answers and prioritiesCongestion… by not using multiple fork lifts and extra personnel to pichồng và transport materials

The Solution… Simply use a GoPET electric scooter for key personnel or processes. The GoPET scooter moves up to lớn five times faster than walking and the optional cart can move up khổng lồ 400 pounds of material. It’s intuitive sầu & takes minutes to lớn learn & operate. The zero radius turning feature makes every part of the facility accessible. With models starting at $1000, the return on investment can be measured in weeks. Very few if any other material handling solution can make that claim! Order today khổng lồ impact 2014 và eliminate some of those headaches và problems you faced in 2013! Your GoPET scooter is in stoông chồng và can be in your facility up and running within just a few days.

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Electric Scooter Increases Productivity In Warehouses

Personal transport vehicle saves eachworker an hour per day of walking time

Hallmark’s Kansas City distribution center faced a growing problem for it’s large distribution centers: excessive sầu walking distances. Not only was time lost walking through large facilities, but the added miles were also hard on the employees’ bodies. With a fleet of electric scooters, the company has reduced fatigue that once lowered productivity & led to lớn costly mistakes.

Lomãng cầu Smith, general manager at the Hallmark facility, says the new three-wheel scooters allow staff to lớn move much faster within the warehouse. “One charge & the scooters will run all day,” she says. “It’s much better than walking.”

The scooters can travel 24 miles on a charge, using a 48-volt, 350-watt front hub direct drive motor. When not in use, the battery will hold its charge for weeks. The compact size allows the vehicle lớn go through doorways và avoid blocking the drive aisles.

Smith says the scooters will carry workers up khổng lồ 250 pounds sitting và 300 pounds standing, and can tow up to 400 pounds. A detachable front basket & a bachồng storage box might help a shift manager, inventory control clerk và a maintenance worker tóm tắt a scooter, saving each worker an average of one hour per day.


With the emphasis on organizations today lớn reduce costs & improve sầu efficiencies, time is money. For many organizations, the time it takes for personnel lớn move around their facility on any given day often adds up to miles, and more importantly, hours of wasted time.On the never ending path of process improvement, many organizations are finding the utilization of GoPET industrial scooters for transporting staff & material as a “low lying fruit” solution. GoPET scooters are a patented, three-wheeled transportation device that can run up lớn 25 miles on a single charge.“My GoPET scooters save my employees up khổng lồ 10 miles per day total in walking over the course of the company’s daily three shift operation,” says Lomãng cầu Smith, General Manager of Hallmark DC in Kansas City, MO. She continued, “My management team & I really love sầu how quickly we can get from one over of the facility to the other. Our GoPET scooters save sầu hours every week in lost productivity. We are able khổng lồ get khổng lồ people and processes much quicker to lớn address needs as they arise.All personnel are able lớn effectively accomplish far more in every given work day due lớn the GoPET scooter’s capacity lớn travel at a rate five times faster than walking. A primary example would be a manager needing to supervise, reviews and monitor processes và employees located in multiple locations in one or sometimes multiple facilities.The GoPET scooter model’s starting price of $1000 allow managers lớn increase their supervisory capađô thị by up to lớn five times over their current levels and provide a fast return on investment (ROI) often measured in weeks.“The GoPET scooters are very reasonably priced compared to lớn the efficiencies they provide our operation. I would definitely recommover these units khổng lồ other facilities who have sầu lớn cover a lot square footage & have to lớn coordinate a lot of people và processes. We are more productive sầu with GoPET scooters on site,” Smith concluded.The scooters plug into any standard electric outlet and costs under ten cents per day in energy costs to charge. The GoPET scooter’s initial acquisition và cost of ownership numbers are dramatically one sided when compared lớn other electric transportation systems such as golf carts, Segways, or other transportation devices such as forklifts and pallet jacks.An optional trailer allows the GoPET scooter to transport up khổng lồ 300 lbs. and operators require no training or certification courses. The intuitive sầu kiến thiết allows virtually anyone who has ridden a xe đạp or scooter as a child khổng lồ be fully confident & running in minutes. The GoPET scooter’s zero turn radius allows operators to lớn travel & penetrate every corner and tight spot efficiently within the facility.About is a leading distributor of Personal Electric Transportation scooters for applications and is dedicated lớn bringing a reliable, safe, productive sầu and cost-effective transportation solution lớn the marketplace. GoPET scooters increase individual’s productivity & efficiency immediately by eliminating needless time và energy spent walking. The scooters not only improve sầu the ability khổng lồ accomplish more work in less time, but because of the ergonomic benefits, operators are more accurate and are prone lớn less injuries and siông xã days.

Tell Us Why You Want To Win A New GoPET Scooter


“Why You Want a GoPET Scooter” Contest

Imagine no longer wasting time walking miles per day và virtually eliminating the “300 yard dash” to the next meeting! LLC, is giving away a không tính tiền GoPET scooter on January 10, 2015. The next đôi mươi runner-ups from eligible* organizations will receive a 90 day free GoPET scooter trial.

Just tell us in your own words why having a GoPET scooter will help you và your organization. You don’t have sầu khổng lồ be a professional writer & your submittal doesn’t need lớn be lengthy.

To enter, skết thúc us an gmail with the following information:

All entries must be received no later than January 1, 2015 via gmail to lớn deb

Some Submittal Ideas:

Will it help eliminate the amount of walking you currently do?How will a GoPET help the amount of time it takes to walk during an average day?What activities will a GoPET scooter will now give you time to accomplish?Why will it help your organization khổng lồ have sầu the ergonomic benefits of a scooter?Let your imagination go wild…


All entries become the property of LLC and can be reproduced & utilized without prior consent.

Winner will receive sầu a không tính tiền GoPET scooter with all shipping paid by Taxes (if applicable) are the winner’s responsibility.

The next 20 best submittals, as deemed by LLC, will be eligible lớn receive a free 90 day trial of a GoPET scooter. Company must be financially sound & be deemed credit worthy by LLC. Shipping khổng lồ and from the company will be paid by LLC. Any taxes (if applicable) are the responsibility of the


Labor Savings New Economical Scooter

GoPET Model PET-Plus3E Scooters Are Ergonomic, Efficient và Economical

Houston, TX, August 8, 2014 – The new GoPET PET-Plus3E cost-effective sầu personal electric transportation scooter has been introduced by, & is available NOW. This new scooter allows operators weighing up to 300 pounds the means of moving throughout their facility quickly & efficiently khổng lồ improve their productivity. The GoPET scooter travels safely up to 16 mph và has a zero radius turn to move sầu in & out of all tight locations.

The GoPET scooter can be used standing or sitting và has a sturdy three wheel base to lớn allow operators to lớn move, work và pull items up to 400 pounds with virtually no chance of tipping or losing their balance. Optional trailers are available to lớn transport inventory, or operators can simply tow wheeled carts, wagons và equipment behind them.

The new GoPET scooter doesn’t require any licenses or certification và needs only minimal training lớn have personnel up & running in minutes. The scooter plugs inlớn a standard outlet. A single charge can last up khổng lồ 24 miles and costs under ten cents of electrithành phố.

About Inc. is a leading distributor of Personal Electric Transportation scooters for applications và is dedicated khổng lồ bringing a reliable, safe, productive and cost-effective transportation solution to the marketplace.

GoPET scooters increase individual’s productivity and efficiency immediately by eliminating needless time và energy spent walking. The scooters not only improve sầu the ability to accomplish more work in less time, but because of the ergonomic benefits, operators are more accurate and are prone to less injuries and sichồng days.


GoPET Goes Subterranean At Hallmark Distribution Center

Lomãng cầu Smith, General Manager at Hallmark, invested in five sầu Personal Electric Transportation Scooters for use in Hallmark’s 300,000 square foot distribution center, located at SubTropolis, the largest underground business complex in the world.

The man-made limestone “cave” located in Kansas City, Missouri, contains almost seven miles of illuminated, paved roads & several miles of railroad track. Within this immense complex, five sầu million square feet is dedicated to lớn the housing of approximately 50 individual tenants, one being Hallmark Retail, a facility that ships gift products to lớn hundreds of corporately-owned Gold Crown Hallmark stores throughout the United States.

After much investigation, Smith decided on GoPET is a Personal Electric Transportation Scooter from MightyLift Inc., a major manufacturer và wholesaler of material handling equipment.

GoPET Scooter retails for under $2,000. GoPET Scooter is a patented, three-wheeled portable electric vehicle designed to allow warehouse personnel a faster, safer, và more ergonomic mode of operating & moving throughout the facility. GoPET Scooters have several options and accessories available, including a trailer that can hold items up to lớn 350 pounds of total weight, a front basket for carrying packages or items, và an optional seat for comfort.

At Hallmark, GoPET Scooters are used by their employees và facility managers for daily operations. Activities such as employee supervision, researching inventory issues, identifying automation production issues, transporting paperwork và moving from one place to another.

Smith estimates that each GoPET Scooter saves her employees up to 10 miles per day total in walking over the course of the company’s daily three shift operation. Smith uses a GoPET Scooter herself to lớn conduct site surveys throughout the facility. “It definitely frees up employee time spent walking from one location khổng lồ another, allowing them to vị more meaningful functions,” says Smith.

In tìm kiếm of a solution khổng lồ cover the vast distances at SubTropolis, Smith initially approved the purchase of a golf cart. However, she says it requires a lot of maintenance, including frequent battery changes. “For our purpose, it made good business sense. Purchase one golf cart or five sầu GoPET Scooters,” says Smith. She adds, it is highly likely they will purchase more GoPET Scooters in the future.

GoPET Drives It trang chủ At Women’s Business Enterprise Alliance

GoPET was the “official” Personal Electric Transportation Scooter for the attendees at the Women’s Business Enterprise Alliance (WBEA). partnered up with the industry’s leading professionals to demonstrate how the GoPET Scooter can be a major cost effective sầu tool to lớn increase their productivity và reduce the needless walking baông chồng & forth throughout the hall. The ergonomic benefits will reduce their fatigue and will lessen their aches & pains.

So, Ms. April Day, President of the Houston WBEA, và her team put GoPET Scooters to the kiểm tra.

GoPET was indeed a huge success. GoPET Scooters provided the WBEA a more productive work day by eliminating the wasted time and energy so the women were able lớn bởi vì more in less time. Because of this, less mistakes, errors and mishaps occurred.

Portable Lightweight Electric GoPET Scooters Go Anywhere

If your need is khổng lồ carry your GoPET Scooter on scaffolds to lớn reach the tops of buildings for maintenance projects, transport your GoPET Scooter on an elevator, use due khổng lồ an injury or impairment take along to a conference or meeting, or even khổng lồ have sầu throughout the warehouse for your employees, it’s entirely up to you. Specifically designed khổng lồ accommodate one rider, it fits into lớn tight spaces, & is very lightweight.

The GoPET Personal Electric Transportation Scooter measures only 40 inches from front to lớn rear, 27 inches from side lớn side, & can fold down to a mere 39 inches in height. GoPET Scooters are indeed 100% portable. Starting at under $2,000, GoPET is very cost effective. Choose from many options and accessories so your GoPet Scooter can be a personal portable solution to all your mobility needs

GoPet Scooters Are A Breath Of Fresh Air

Today’s leading Personal Electric Transportation Scooters provide huge benefits for the environment. GoPET Scooters are lightweight mobility scooters which are extremely quiet, & because they are electric, operate without any emissions, making it a perfect solution for controlling noise pollution and clean air standards. GoPET is a three wheeled scooter that can achieve speeds up to lớn 16 mph, travel distances of 25 miles on a single, ten cent charge. GoPET Scooters are 100% portable khổng lồ fit easily through standard doorways, narrow aisles, or other tight spaces found in many of today’s leading industrial settings, meeting halls, or supermarkets.

Hallmark DC More Productive With GoPET Scooters

GoPET Scooters are very reasonably priced compared to lớn the efficiency they provide our operation. My management team & I really love how quickly we can get from one kết thúc of the facility khổng lồ the other. Our GoPET Scooters save sầu hours each week in lost productivity. We are able khổng lồ get to people và processes much quicker khổng lồ address needs as they arise. I would definitely recommend these scooters to lớn other distribution facilities who have sầu to cover a lot square footage và have sầu to coordinate a lot of people and processes. We are much more productive & efficient with our GoPET Scooters!

GoPET Praised At Hallmark Distribution Center

GoPET Scooters may look small but they definitely have a lot of power. I am able khổng lồ move around the warehouse with more efficiency at a faster pace. It amazes me how durable the trailer is on the baông chồng of the GoPET Scooter. I have sầu to move full heavy cartons, several at a time, and I have sầu not had a problem with the weight on the tires. The GoPET Scooters keep a charge for weeks! I would recommend GoPET Scooters to anyone who needs a great way lớn get around in a large or small area. Cheril, Receiving Analyst

Sugar Lvà Legends & GoPET Scooter Play Well Together

Sugar Lvà, Texas is just outside of Houston. So many activities and events to vị and see, & not enough time in a day. So, what is the solution? GoPET Scooters! When time is your most valuable resource, nothing gets people moving safer, faster và the most cost effective sầu way then a GoPET Scooter. The Personal Electric Transportation Scooter was a big help, whether legends participated in sporting camps or were needed lớn attkết thúc the athletic facilities. The ergonomic thiết kế provided stability, và the powerful scooter enabled a ức chế không tính phí ride, and the amount of injuries resulting from needless walking were minimal. If anyone wanted to lớn walk, the GoPET folded up to lớn 39 inches. The lightweight design enables the GoPET Scooter total portability.

A WIN For Team GoPET And Sugar L& Legends Basketball Team

Professional basketball players và coaches truly appreciated the benefits of the GoPET. Multiple games played per week, road trips, & injuries can all bring a team of healthy athletes to their knees. Traveling from practice, khổng lồ the plane, onward lớn the hotel & then to lớn the game, GoPET accommodates individuals comfortably và safely well over 6 feet tall. GoPET Scooters are easy on a team’s bottom line. GoPet Scooters start under $2,000. The perfect portable lightweight Personal Electric Transportation Scooter for field sports, trainers, coaches and staff who need to lớn move around from the box to the players without taking a step! Go team GoPET!

Rquảng cáo Metal Jacketing Products Endorse GoPET

Save money from day one because the GoPET does not require propane tanks, special high voltage charging centers or a forklift to lớn remove the battery. Simply plug the smart charger inkhổng lồ any convenient 110v electric outlet và you are refueling! Order your GoPET with a maintenance free lead acid battery or step up lớn the powerful lithium battery phối. Either way the same GoPET smart charger will have sầu your personal unit top-off in 4 khổng lồ 6 hours.

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GoPET Gets Claw Stamping Approval

The powerful & efficient front wheel drive 48-volt hub motor enables the GoPET to pivot within its wheelbase. The GoPET Scooter has a zero turning radius for tight spaces và eliminate the need for costly complicated transmissions and gear systems.

GoPET At Warehousing Education & Retìm kiếm Council-WERC

Warehousing Education & Research Council (WERC) is another conference the GoPET Scooter was exhibited. Interest in the GoPET Scooter was amazing. Leading warehouse professionals were able to lớn demo drive sầu how their operators would be distributing inventory throughout their warehouse.

The cấp độ of labor savings was apparent. The low acquisition cost, amount of saved time and energy from otherwise needless walking và searching for goods & the ease of use for all warehouse personnel were the hot topics.

GoPET Scooter is certainly a welcome tool in increasing productivity và throughput, while decreasing all operator aches, pains, fatigue & mistakes in the workplace.

Oyen Greenhouse Employees Experience GoPET Scooters

The employees at Oyen Greenhouse discovered the many benefits of the portable, lightweight GoPET. The Personal Electric Transportation Scooters saved Oyen employees much wasted time, needlessly walking back and forth from task khổng lồ task. Employees experienced less injuries and had minimal mistakes and errors by the end of the work day. Because of the various responsibilities required, the employees took advantage of the many options & accessories. The trailer, which can hold up to 350 pounds of inventory was a big help for transporting their inventory throughout the facility, & the wire cart which can attach khổng lồ the front of the GoPET were the main attractions. They also noticed GoPET offered two maximum variable tốc độ settings. Key position 1 has a maximum tốc độ of 6 miles per hour. GoPET Scooters in key position 2 can transport personnel and cargo at a maximum rate of 16 miles per hour. The GoPET can cover up to lớn 24 miles per charge. With all the beneits the GoPET Scooter had, the experience was a Oyen success.

Put wheelchairs and bulky scooters to restCover more ground than walking in less timeGive staff & patrons the freedom lớn do moreConserve sầu energy at the park, beach or strollingMove around safely, conveniently and in stylePatrol shifts without balancing on two wheelsReduce dependency on costly utility cartsRun errands and leave sầu the oto & bikes storedCustomize your GoPET for productivitySell, lease, rent, and lend lớn your marketsSetup faster và meet more people on a GoPET

Prepare for the new year with a more mobile you! Our GoPET electric scooter is a mobility electric scooter offering a safe, ergonomic ride. The GoPET Personal Electric Transportation Scooter is excellent for warehouse cost-effective scooter applications, hospitality electric scooter applications, retirement villages, trade shows, traveling, college campuses & any security electric scooter situation. A portable choice for just getting around town.

The GoPET Scooter is the only choice when you require a safe, practical way lớn get around. GoPet is your personal electric transportation solution. Put the “New” in your new year with your new GoPet 3 wheel personal electric scooter.

Have sầu you purchased your Personal Electric Transportation Scooter?

The GoPET Scooter is the compactelectric scooter that will get you moving quickly in both urban & city areas. The GoPET is quiet, & allows you to lớn move safely with speeds up lớn 16 mph at a range of 25 miles per charge. That’s enough power to lớn move around town and get ready for all the great festivities. The GoPet 3 wheeled electric scootermoves through tight spaces và around big crowds with ease.

Besides being environmentally friendly,GoPET Personal Electric Transportation Scooterscan be charged anywhere. This makes GoPET extremely portable. The GoPET is an economical three wheel electric scooter ikhuyến mãi for your holiday gift giving.

Smoothly move sầu inlớn this holiday season with your own Personalthree wheeled electric scooter. With speeds up to lớn 16 MPH the GoPETelectric scooter will help you effortlessly drift through the holiday traffic at the mall. The only thing faster than your own GoPET is the speed at which the holidays are approaching.

So why is the GoPET3 Wheel Electric Scootera great holiday gift?

The GoPET three wheeled electric scooter is designed with a 350 watt motor, 48 volt operation that’s (4 X 12 volt sealed batteries) giving you tốc độ when you need it. Simple to use and very cost effective sầu. If you are looking to give sầu the gift of independant mobility this year, make it a Personal Electric Transportation Scooter.

GoPet’s convenient form size makes it perfect for urban commuters who use elevators. The GoPet fits through the elevator doors và then can be easily turned for exiting. If needed, non-marking tires protect floors and don’t leave unsightly tracks.

According to Quincy Rayne, Portl&, Oregon’s southeast Laurelhurst neighborhood is just about igiảm giá. With food stores, restaurants, bookstores và of course coffeehouses all nearby, Quincy can find everything she needs within a few miles. For convience & productivity, Quincy effortlessly relies on her GoPET Personal Electric Transportation Scooter.

“It’s an awesome way to get around Portl&. I usually take it shopping và love sầu khổng lồ race around town, down to lớn the riverfront, all over,” Rayne explains.

When not scooting around her neighborhood, Quincy takes her GoPET upstairs via the elevator lớn her condominium. “My GoPET fits right through the door, inlớn the lobby và up the elevator. I turn the scooter around in the elevator và I’m ready khổng lồ get off on my floor.”

Quincy says she has had the scooter about a year và has not encountered any major problems. She rides both on the sidewalk and on the street, depending upon conditions. As you can see from the accompanying pictures, Quincy has installed a pack on the front of her GoPET to hold various items và keep them out of the Oregon rain.

Quincy plans to add the new GoPET trailer lớn her scooter soon for even more transportation flexibility.

Customize và Personalize your GoPET 3 wheel scooter to lớn best fit you and your everyday mobility needs


You may have sầu noticed on some GoPet photos that there are 2 keys shown. These are 2 tốc độ units with an extra lockout key which controls changing from low speed khổng lồ high speed. In some situations such as rental, industrial, and trade show use the GoPet owner may not want riders to lớn go over 6 mph. The lockout key keeps the GoPet at low speed.

Here’s how it works: Insert both the ignition/speed key and the lockout key. Then turn the lockout key lớn the right. Set the tốc độ key at low tốc độ. Turn the lockout key baông xã to lớn the left and remove it. Now the GoPet is locked in low tốc độ which tops out at 6 mph.

The lockout key can be installed in any two-speed GoPet và has an MSRPhường of $150 from your GoPet dealer.


Now, GoPET users can enjoy even more versatility by adding our new optional trailer to lớn their scooters. The steel trailers are đôi mươi x 24 x 4.5 inches và use the same wheels as the GoPET Scooter. Capacity is approximately 150 lbs. Holes drilled at the top of the trailer can be used with eye hooks, bungees or other devices for securing cargo.

MSRP for the trailer, connector and mounting bracket is $150. The trailers can be retrofit on both our PET 1 and PET 2 models by drilling through the frame in order lớn attach the mounting bracket. Complete instructions are included with the trailer.


September 15 – Otta Scoot, a new Portl&, Oregon GoPET dealer, debuted at the recent Portland RV/Boat show with a new booth featuring striking photos of GoPET Scooters in various situations. Otta Scoot principal, Daniel Friess, along with a number of his employees joined personnel in the booth during the 4 day show.

With the present economic conditions severely impacting the RV and Boat industries, Portl& Expo leaders combined this show with the home show và as a result, attracted over đôi mươi,000 visitors. A highlight of the activities was the opportunity for visitors from all “walks” to ride & try out the GoPET just outside the doors of the Expo center. As usual, rider Reviews were overwhelmingly positive

September 2, 2009 – As part of a new Publc Relations program, has arranged for giant photos of GoPET Scooters to be shown on screens in Times Square in New York and on the Las Vegas Strip. Frequency of GoPET appearances is a variable, so we can’t have an official count yet. Over 250 truyền thông outlets picked up the GoPET release, helping to lớn build br& và sản phẩm awareness.

Chicago, IL – is exhibiting at the Midwest Police và Security Show in Chicago. Featured in the GoPET booth is a police scooter equipped with special blue/red flashing lights as well as a bullhorn siren và public address system.

GoPET is the best alternative khổng lồ other Personal Electrical Transportation police and security scooters, due lớn its ease of use, tốc độ & price. Exhibit attendees have sầu shown great interest in GoPET for routine patrolling and for crowd control. GoPET General Manager, Tom Murphy, & local GoPET representative Bryan Broznowski attended.

One of the best applications for GoPET is police & security personnel. GoPET can be used both indoors & outdoors, has a maximum tốc độ of 16 mph & is easy to ride make it an outstanding choice for law enforcement & security applications. GoPET can be fitted with additional lights, siren và PA system .Gọi for details & pricing.

Here is an example of the impression a fully-outfitted GoPet scooter can make on an intruder:

GoPet Lighting

Our GoPET Scooters save hours each week in lost productivity. We are able to lớn get to people & processes much quicker. –-Lomãng cầu Smith, General Manager Hallmark Distribution Center

It’s an awesome way lớn get around. I usually take it shopping và love sầu khổng lồ race around town và all over. –- Quincy Rayne, GoPET owner.

I am able khổng lồ move sầu around the warehouse with more efficiency at a faster pace. –– Cherill, Receiving Analyst

My GoPET fits right through the door, into the lobby & up the elevator. I turn the scooter around in the elevator và I’m ready khổng lồ get off on my floor.––GoPET Owner

GoPET Scooters saves my employees up khổng lồ 10 miles per day total in walking over the course of the company’s daily three shift operation.” –– Lona Smith, GM Hallmark

GoPET is faster, quieter and with better mobility and safety than golf cart or tagger. Very Cost Effective.–David P., Facility Manager, Dallas, TX

It amazes me how durable the trailer is on the back of the GoPET Scooter. I have lớn move full heavy cartons, several at a time, và I have sầu not had a problem.” –– Receiving Analyst, Hallmark DC

GoPET for Facilities

The GoPET scooter provides a fast & cost effective way of improving your facility’s productivity & accuracy levels.

GoPET for Security

Security and law enforcement organizations find the GoPET scooter to be an effective sầu way khổng lồ patrol, observe sầu & protect… quietly and efficiently.

GoPET for Institutions

Education, Hospital và Government institutions & organizations each have sầu specific requirements. The GoPET scooter helps economically transport students, staff và members safely và efficiently.

GoPET for Hospitality

Hotels, Resorts, Golf Courses, Casinos & Cruise Ships enjoy the lightweight và portable GoPET scooter. Now people can do more, see more & enjoy more for a lot less.