15 Best Sniper Games The shooter genre offers gamers the chance lớn combine marksmanship & excitement in one sitting. Here are the best xạ thủ games lớn demo your skills!

The single-player options in military shooters like Điện thoại tư vấn of Duty and Battlefield offer fun và cinematic run và gun experiences. However, these games are fast-twitch high octane and Michael Bay-like games that don’t require much thought or patience. The stealth shooter genre is the perfect antithesis for cinematic shooters và run và gun blasters like Doom.

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Not only are these games that reward patience, timing, và stealth but the mission design can often provide gamers with more varied experiences. Taking out opponents from an unseen location and slipping away unnoticed is an empowering experience for those that love the genre. So let’s take a look at ten of the best games that offer the most rewarding sniping experience.

Updated by Michael Llewellyn on January 31st 2021: As the implementation of stealth in several kinds of videogames seems khổng lồ be making a comebaông xã, so does the use of a sniper rifle. Whether it’s in a massive sầu open-world RPG lượt thích the recent Cyberpunk 2077 or multiplayer games like Battlefield V, using a sniper rifle in combat remains one of the most satisfying and fun ways to take down enemies.

15 Cyberpunk 2077

cyberpunk 2077 day one patch
Released in December 20đôi mươi for all major systems, Cyberpunk 2077 has been subject to lớn quite a bit of criticism for its complicated launch issues. However, those with enough patience to endure the bugs will find a very good combat system with some amazingly chất lượng weapons.

Some of the best weapons in the game are the sniper rifles which offer players a great way through the game if they prefer a more stealthy approach. The Breakthrough xạ thủ rifle, for example, can shoot through concrete walls and the Ashura Smart sniper even fires guided missiles that can seek out headshots automatically.

14 Star Wars: Battlefront II

sniping storm troopers is a lot of fun
Star Wars: Battlefront II is a testament khổng lồ how great a game can be when the developers tư vấn it và listen to lớn tín đồ feedbaông xã after its initial launch issues. It’s now a game that fans of the Star Wars franchise keep coming bachồng khổng lồ with the multiplayer, but its surprisingly good single-player mode is also worth playing too.

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Some of the coolest weapons in Battlefront II are the sniper rifles, và they feel totally quality to lớn the Star Wars universe. Whether one is playing the campaign or the multiplayer, getting good with a sniper rifle will make them a force to be reckoned with.

13 Battlefield V

The sniping in the single và multiplayer modes of Battlefield 5 are superb
Developed by the same team behind the Star Wars: Battlefront series và released in 2018, Battlefield V is a stunning first-person shooter mix during the Second World War. The single-player mode is one of the best in the series. But as always, the true meat of the game is found in the multiplayer.

The maps are huge & there are usually a lot of other players fighting it out, so using a sniper rifle lớn take them is a lot of fun for sneaky and stealthy types. Using a xạ thủ rifle in combat takes a lot of practice but when mastered, it can make any player a huge threat — especially in Battlefield V’s battle royale mode, Firestorm.

12 Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes

MGS Strobe lights
Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes was released in năm ngoái on the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, và Xbox One. It acted as a stand-alone prologue to The Phantom Pain & as a result, was significantly shorter than the main release.

However, for many fans of the series the focused missions and trả lời value provided by Ground Zeroes is considered a superior stealth experience. This is further echoed in the sniping mechanics in-game and watching enemies down the sight of the scope in the torrential rain. Watching the enemy soldiers go about their business and engage in conversations only added to lớn the richness of the game’s story & mechanics.

11 Sniper Ghost Warrior 3

Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 was released on the Xbox One, PC, & PlayStation 4 in 2017. It is an open-world game that struggled at launch due khổng lồ several bugs và glitches that plagued the game. However, once these issues were addressed by the developers at CI Games & Ghost Warrior 3 is a much more solid experience as a result.

The game’s story feels lượt thích its another straight lớn DVD sequel to Tom Berenger and Billy Zane’s Sniper film series. It is the sniping mechanics that save the game above sầu all else and it"s mix in a visually impressive modern-day backdrop of the jungle using the powerful CryEngine.

10 Goldeneye 007

Goldeneye 007 was developed by Rare and released exclusively on the Nintenvị 64 in 1997. The game puts players in the shoes of 007 James Bond & loosely follows the plot of the film. It was one of the first games to popularise stealth mechanics on modern consoles next lớn Metal Gear Solid.

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One of the first weapons that makes use of the game"s very solid stealth mechanics was the sniper rifle. It was one of the most satisfying weapons in the game và gave sầu players the exact feeling of empowerment that one should feel when sniping enemies from a hidden location.

9 Far Cry 5

Far Cry 5 was released on the PlayStation, Xbox One, và PC in 2018. The series has always supported all styles of gameplay from running & gunning khổng lồ silent & stealthy. However, it is the stealth approach that is by far the most satisfying và rewarding experience.

Of course, the sniping experience in Far Cry 5 is one of the most expertly implemented in a Ubisoft title. Using the AR-CL is one of the best all-round xạ thủ rifles and indeed weapons in the game. When equipped with a scope and silencer the AR-CL will be a mainstay in the player"s arsenal.

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8 Sniper Elite V2: Remastered

The original Sniper Elite V2 was released in 2012 by Rebellion Developments và was a direct sequel khổng lồ the World War 2 phối Sniper Elite. The sequel takes place during the 1945 Battle of Berlin và the player takes on the role of an American Sniper. The remaster, which features updated visuals, framerates, and additional characters from the Nazi Zombie Army DLC was released in 2019.

The Sniper Elite games are notably budget titles in comparison khổng lồ AAA military stealth games lượt thích Metal Gear Solid V. However, the stealth and sniping mechanics are up there with the best in the genre. The major difference being that the player is limited to using antiquated weaponry compared lớn the high tech hardware that Solid Snake or Sam Fisher would use. Instead of silenced weapons, players need lớn mask their gunshots by timing their shots with the environmental distractions and noises.

7 Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands

Ghost Recon: Wildlands was released in 2017 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, và the PC. It developed by Ubisoft who also created the Far Cry, Splinter Cell, and Rainbow Six series. Their experience with open-world games that feature stealth and sniping is on full display with this title.

Wildlands feels like Ubisoft’s greatest hits by features elements from all of their other games and thrown them together in one title. Not everything clicks together perfectly, but the sniping & stealth elements work very well, và picking off enemy soldiers from a distance is very satisfying.

6 Sniper Ghost Warrior: Contracts

Released in 2019, Sniper Ghost Warrior: Contracts is the fourth entry in the series. It was released on the PlayStation 4, Xbox, and PC và instead of using the open-world structure of its predecessors, the game opts for mission-based scenargame ios.

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Despite the more focused structure the missions are still designed lớn be semi-open & provide players with a lot of freedom to lớn approach targets. The realistic bullet physics và the need for precision and timing make Contracts one of the most hardcore sniper experiences available.

5 Ghost Recon: Breakpoint

Released in 2019, Ghost Recon: Breakpoint received some heavy criticism at launch for its bugs and a lack of features compared khổng lồ its predecessors. However, as a game, it has continued to lớn improve with updates, patches, và story-based DLC.

The game’s massive sầu & open landscapes provide players with amazing opportunities lớn take down opponents with sniper rifles. There’s a good variety of xạ thủ rifles, scopes, & other modifications to satisfy fans of using such hardware.

4 Sniper Elite III

Sniper Elite III was released in 2012 on the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Xbox One, & the PC. A prequel lớn Sniper Elite V2, the story is once again mix during World War 2 but three years before the events of its predecessor.

The game’s story is mix during the North African conflict & features much less linear environments than its predecessors. This means that there is more variety in which players can approach their targets. The slow-motion Kill Cam is even more graphic with its Mortal Kombat-like X-Rays showing bones breaking & internal organs getting decimated.

3 Hitman 2

Released in 2018 for all major consoles & the PC, Hitman 2 is the direct sequel to lớn the episodic original that released in năm nhâm thìn. Owners of the original game will gain access lớn the Legacy pachồng which includes updated versions of the first game’s missions & side content.

In addition to the base game which has some fantastic sniping opportunities for players, there are dedicated Sniper Assassin missions that play out lượt thích a separate game of its own. In these missions, there are lots of creative sầu ways for Agent 47 lớn eliminate his targets, create distractions & openings. It isn’t a hardcore sniping experience lượt thích the Ghost Warrior series but it is a lot of fun with a surprising amount of replay value & depth.

2 Sniper Elite 4

Sniper Elite 4 was released on the PlayStation 4, PC, và the Xbox One in 2017. Once again set in the backdrop of World War 2 this entry finally took the series to march larger open-world environments that were full of creative sầu và fun opportunities khổng lồ snipe targets.

While the budget is still very much in the AA region when compared to lớn Metal Gear Solid, Sniper Elite 4 is the most ambitious game in the series. Visually, it is the best the series has ever looked but the clever open-ended mission kiến thiết and sniping mechanics are up there with the Hitman series.

1 Hitman 3

As with the previous entries in the Hitman World of Assassination series, the maps in Hitman 3 provide Agent 47 with a murderous playground are huge sandboxes. This means that players have sầu a seemingly endless amount of choices & opportunities to lớn eliminate their targets.

This also includes the use of a xạ thủ rifle in a variety of maps which often have sầu perfect vantage points that need to lớn be found & exploited. The best way to lớn approach the intended target with a sniper rifle is to observe sầu them & use the right opportunities to create openings và distractions.