The Walking Dead: A New Frontier

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Platkhung Win, Mac, iOS, Android, PS4, Xbox One
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Developer Telltale Games
Release Date Dec 19, 2016

After two seasons of Telltale Games" brilliant interpretation of The Walking Dead, many players have figured out its real game: It"s in guessing which choices really bởi vì alter the story, and which ones are optional conversations or decisions that still funnel into the narrative sầu the game had in mind all along.

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The first two episodes of The Walking Dead: Season Three — also known by the mouthful of a name The Walking Dead: The Telltale Series - A New Frontier — hew khổng lồ that model. Players are given a new protagonist & can pour their rage into lớn scenarquả táo where a measured response would still end badly. Clementine, the only permanence in The Walking Dead"s fickle & constantly reversible world, returns and is playable, but only in flashbacks. Most of the player"s time will be spent with Javier Garcia, a former professional baseball player accompanying his brother"s second wife & her distrustful stepchildren.

This nhận xét will follow the series as it develops, with updates as each chapter arrives detailing the current state of the game.

Clementine"s retrospectives are harrowing

All of the potential inside December"s svào two-episode opening of The Walking Dead Season 3: A New Frontier is vaporized in the succeeding three episodes. Those who are especially attached to lớn Clementine could, and probably should, skip this season altogether. Nothing in the story deepens her character or my understanding of her. Her supposed core motivation, finding A.J., the baby she rescued out of Season Two, is continually postponed to the point I no longer cared what became of the kid. Depending on what happens with a fourth season, and one is heavily implied, Season Three could over up as disposable khổng lồ Telltale"s contribute to lớn The Walking Dead"s canon as so many of the characters who inhabited it.

None of what made the first two seasons of The Walking Dead so good is borne out in episodes three through five of The New Frontier. Decisions, alliances, trusts, suspicions, the things that make it a story worth telling were serially discarded as the story chugged, almost on rails, lớn the conclusion I reached. I appreciated the game"s final appraisals of my relationships with Kate & David, the brother with whom Javier is reunited in the cliffhanger at the kết thúc of episode two. I felt the descriptions were true to lớn the choices I made and conversations I had. But I don"t see how my relationship with David could be called anything but dysfunctional.

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There appeared lớn be no way either lớn be completely loyal lớn Javier"s brother or completely hostile to hlặng. One would figure that a budding romance between a man"s brother and his wife could force some clear choices, và characters who responded consistently in turn. But David can neither be alienated from the group nor bonded lớn Javier. An absolutely bizarre sequence midway through episode five sầu, quickly shrugged off by every character in the room, convinced me David was no longer worth any investment.

It"s bewildering khổng lồ me how the writers of episode 5 could paint themselves inlớn a corner by depending so much on David & then leave hyên ổn out of its emotional climax, which is so telegraphed và so derivative sầu of Season One as to lớn be robbed of all impact. Others players may rightly feel that it cheapens what they did with Lee and Clementine five years ago.

a new frontier betrays all of the opening episodes" potential

The Walking Dead is at its best when it tries lớn sell me a sympathetic character and then gives me the chance to lớn deny hyên or her my pity, và ask hard questions of my character in the process. This was an easy Hotline Gọi throughout Season Three, as no one was worth my pity in the first place. Season One"s groundbreaking brilliance may have sầu posed this series with an impossible encore, or at least a difficult exit, but Season Two still had all of the above sầu. Season Three"s characters are so emotionally inconsistent và so untroubled by that inconsistency amuốn one another that the story"s few attempts at the grand themes of people fighting lớn stay alive all kết thúc in frustrated & confusing outcomes.

Betrayal is a common device in Telltale"s adaptations of The Walking Dead, và the worst one in A New Frontier was the betrayal of the potential established in those first two episodes. Once David entered the story as a main character, his scattershot motivation and all the expository dialogue with hyên ổn ruined each opportunity khổng lồ make Javier or Kate inkhổng lồ characters I care about. Worse, the time the story has lớn spover on a weak character lượt thích David, and disposable implements lượt thích Jesus, Tripp & Eleanor obscures my memories of, và affection for, Clementine by making her like them. The best outcome of Season Three is that it"s simply a forgettable interlude in her ongoing canon.

Wrap Up:

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