GunboundM is a điện thoại online turn-based tactics game where players take control of vehicles called "Mobiles" to lớn shoot opponents in PvP battles. Build up a team và dominate foes in this sequel to lớn the PC classic GunBound.

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Publisher: DargomStudioPlayerbase: MediumType: điện thoại RPGRelease Date (Global): June 23, 2017Pros: +Variety of Mobiles and weapons. +Challenging Real-time PvP. +Fast Shot bonus.Cons: -Poor English translation.



GunboundM Overview

GunboundM is a sản phẩm điện thoại online turn-based tactics game. Combat is similar to lớn the Worms series, letting players move a variety of vehicles called "Mobiles" around the aremãng cầu to shoot weapons và items at opponents, with "Avatars" that pilot them. The terrain can be destroyed, trapping other Mobiles or pushing them off the arena entirely. Maps are affected by weather, with a wind gauge on screen to show the direction that projectiles will be pushed. Wind direction can change every turn, forcing players to lớn adapt to it. The game also has a Fast Shot bonus, giving players a small damage boost for attacking very quickly, which speeds up gameplay và adds additional challenge. There are four different game modes: 1v1 & 4-player free-for-all modes with one Mobile for each player, & 1v1 & 2v2 modes with three mobiles for each player. New Mobiles are obtained through a gaphụ vương system, awarding cards that can be crafted into lớn Mobiles or extracted into gears, a currency used to lớn nâng cấp Mobiles or buy additional card và avatar packs. Avatars are also obtained through a gaphụ vương thẻ system, and give sầu extra passive sầu stats to lớn the Mobile the character is piloting.

GunboundM Key Features:

Real-time PvP - fight against real players in real-time PvP., with 1v1, 2v2, và free-for-all modes.

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Customizable Avatars - Avatars can be equipped with gems, giving extra passive boosts to Mobiles.Unlockable Mobiles - 20+ different Mobiles to obtain and level up, each with their own weapons, stats, và counter types.thiết bị di động Counter Effects - a rock-paper-scissors counter system, with Machine-type countering Animal-type, which counters Shield-type, as well as None-types that aren"t affected by it.Weather System - wind condition affects the direction projectiles go, giving players more options to factor in when moving và aiming.

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