Land on any rooftop in ha tinh 3 times

Ha Tinh Map Overview và Summary

Ha Tinch is a rural area with a lot of houses và located on the Northwest side of the map "Sanhok".

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Ha Tinc Location in Sanhok | PUBG di động -

There are a lot of players that like khổng lồ drop inkhổng lồ Ha Tinh because it is full of weapons and other items lượt thích healing items, armor, và weapon attachments.

Dropping in Ha Tinh

Dropping In Ha Tinh | PUBG thiết bị di động -

When dropping into lớn Ha Tinch players can see from the sky that it is a big area that has a lot of houses và a containers area at the center, choose which part you want to l& & look around lớn spot other players so you can proceed your loot phase without fearing where the enemies are.

Ha Tinc Loot Heatmap

Ha Tinc is packed with loot there are a high chance that you will find at least 1 weapon per house the odds are the same to items except for some rare cửa nhà such as a long-range scope or m4 stock.

In the image down below show all the loots that can be found in Ha Tinch.

Ha Tinch Loot heatbản đồ | PUBG mobile -

×Here are some recommend loot spots that you can loot in Ha Tinh.

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Warehouses in Ha Tinc | PUBG Smartphone -

There are 3 warehouses located in the center area inside Ha Tinh. You can find a lot of loot items here but there are few covers so you will be exposed khổng lồ the enemy.


Containers in Ha Tinch | PUBG mobile -

These containers can sometimes provide a high tier loot make sure lớn kiểm tra it before leaving Ha Tinch.

Middle House

Middle House in Ha Tinh | PUBG thiết bị di động -

Middle House is located a few steps from the area of the container. You can find a lot of good tier weapon in this house but it is hard to leave when you get spotted by other players because there are less cover around it.

2-Story Houses

Big House in Ha Tinc | PUBG mobile -

There are several houses like this in Ha Tinh. A lot of items and weapons also spawn here và the window provides a good view to scout or spots your enemy during the looting phase.

Ha Tinh Backland

Backland in Ha Tinh | PUBG thiết bị di động -

This area is considered khổng lồ be a part of Ha Tinc. This place is perfect for escaping when you parachute in late or too many players dropping in Ha Tinc area & you can"t find a safe area lớn loot.