Hae MujinTitleFactionLevelRaceGenderClassProfessionLocationServicesFirst QuestAppearanceMap Icon
Blackram Marauder
Kung Fu Master

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Fleet Supply Chain
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Hae Mujin is the Admiral of the East Blackram Marauder Fleet & the grandfather of Vice Admiral Poharan. He cares deeply for the well being of his granddaughter & for the well being of his crew. He is a respectable man in his fleet và will uphold his agreements honorably.

Second Arc

Hae Mujin, in a quest for power, accepted the demons lure which inevitably caused his entire fleet khổng lồ fall into chaos. As his body toàn thân was rapidly corrupted by Dark Chi, he had Tae Jangum & Mak Sobo take his granddaughter Poharan và run. He did his best lớn fight the Dark Chi in his system, but the darkness slowly overwhelmed hlặng, enveloping him within the demon Taikhan.


The nhân vật arrives at the Shattered Masts with a partially reforged Twilight"s Edge and uses it lớn sever him from the demon. He joins the anh hùng in defeating the remaining demon.

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He embraces his granddaughter, reunited at last, letting her know that it was going khổng lồ be okay. He apologizes to lớn the anh hùng for foolishly accepting the demons aid in his quest for power. He still feels the Dark Chi within himself, but plans to lớn fight against it, for both his sake và his granddaughter.

When the hero returns khổng lồ the E. Fleet Supply Chain lớn ask for passage to Gunwon City, he has been dealing with strange demonic pillars on his ship for some time. He supposedly sent a letter out to lớn the hero, but the nhân vật arrived before they received the letter. He waits for the hero by the Lightstone where he informs the hero of the situation regarding the blaông xã pillars threatening to turn the Blackram fleet into a second Highl& Necropolis. He upholds his bargain & takes the anh hùng to Gunwon City after they purify the black pillars.