For a long time, farm management games have always won a lot of love sầu from the game players. With a gentle, playful, peaceful country style, the farm games are perfect for entertaining after a day of study & working tired. And one of them is Hay Day MOD APK (Unlimited Coins/Gems/Seeds), a fun farm game released by Supercell.

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Overview information

NamePackagePublisherCategoryVersionSizeMOD FeaturesRequires
Hay Day
Unlimited Coins/Gems/Seeds
Android 4.0.3

About Hay Day

This game was officially announced in 2012, after five sầu years of development, Hay Day now supports both iOS and Android platforms that make it easy for players khổng lồ download & participate in one of the hotthử nghiệm farm games most in the world at present.

Fun gameplay

As a farm game, of course, you will be transformed inlớn a real farmer in Hay Day, where farmer’s daily work will be reproduced so you can earn much mone. Starting Hay Day, you will be the owner of a small farm with some cottages, ranches, rough fields. Get started with farming with some of the available seeds that Hay Day provides for you. Sow seeds spray water until your plant’s bloom. At that time, you can harvest and sell farm produce in the store for a lot of money, which can buy more expensive sầu plants & items.


When harvesting plants on the farm, you will gain some experience points. When you have sầu enough experience, you will be upgraded, unlocking more items, plants, & many more exciting features. There are countless kinds of plant seeds, the kind of pets for you lớn choose will appear on your farm.

There is a special spot in Hay Days, which is the life cycle of the plants. Some plants are harvested three times later, và they will wither. You will not be able to lớn bởi anything but can leave a ‘Help’ table & wait for your neighbors to sprays water. If it is “saved”, your plants will be harvested three more times until it is completely withered và you have to break it down lớn plant new ones.

Not only plants


In addition to lớn plants, pets are also one of the special factors that help Hay Day has a large number of players. There are many pets that you can take care of; these pets have sầu dễ thương patterns typical for farm games such as Cow, Chicken, Goat, Pig, … In particular, Hay Day also has two pets Dogs, và Cats bring you tremendous amounts of experience & extremely interesting items. To raise two pets, you need khổng lồ buy a house for them và feed them regularly.

Trade traders


Also, you also have a port that is unlocked when you reach level 17. Here, you can use your ship khổng lồ ship items around the world. You have khổng lồ spkết thúc up lớn 16000 coins và take more than a day khổng lồ repair the harbor. You have sầu to lớn wait 4 hours for the ship khổng lồ bring you new shipments. If needed, use five diamonds to lớn ship immediately. When you unlock the harbor, you also unlochồng fishing. Here you will have sầu a house by the lake, a desk to help you make bait, a bait box, a fishing boat, a fishing man, a large lake. Follow the instructions of Hay Day to catch the fishes.

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Other features

You can spin your lucky wheel every day while participating in Hay Day by hitting the car parked in front of your farm. Be sure to kiểm tra the mailbox every day for a gift thẻ in the envelope. Also, watching the ad can also help you earn some diamonds.

At level 7, you are entitled lớn unloông chồng Roadise Shop. This will be a small booth to help you sell items that you own. All players around the world if visiting your farm can see và buy if they need it.

Join the community, make friends, chat with Hay Day’s community around the world. Stealing agricultural produce or helping neighbors in taking care of crops, all will be on Hay Day.

Fun graphics


Hay Day has a 3D farm simulation style. The game is bright, eye-catching with the creation of homes, plants, and pets charming, bringing a sense of light entertainment for players. Besides, the background music is soft and thiông xã, very suitable for the gameplay of Hay Day. If you are a người of farm simulation games, Hay Day will make you feel satisfied và happy.

MOD APK version of Hay Day

MOD Features

Unlimited MoneyUnlimited Seeds

Note: The MOD version is outdated and may not work.

Download Hay Day MOD APK for Android

Hay Day is a record-breaking farm game that numbers up to lớn 20 million players worldwide. No farm game in the world has a large number of players than Hay Day. The game tư vấn for both Android and iOS platforms, you can tải về the game Hay Day to experience the beautiful farm game through the link below.