Rewrite Without Changing The Meaning Houses Prices Have Risen Dramatically This Year?

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1. houses prices have sầu risen dramatically this year

=> there has................................

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2. it's againist the rules khổng lồ park your car here

=> you are...........................................


1. houses prices have sầu risen dramatically this year

=> there has been a dramatic rise in house prices this year

2. it"s againist the rules khổng lồ park your car here

=> you are not allow to lớn park your oto here




6. Mrs. Quyen taught the mute but she doesn't vì chưng it anymore.

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-> Mrs. Quyen ___________

7. Join is always late for class. Thí annoys the teacher (Which)

-> ____________________________________

8. Braille is a reading system for people who are unable lớn see (blind)

-> ______________________________________

9. A scholar has translated that novel inlớn Vietnamese

-> That novel _________________________

10. He started working as an engineer 5 years ago.

-> He has _______________________________

11. I bought a cell phone. I can use it khổng lồ send & receive sầu gmail ( Which )

12. The man is a computer expert. You are talking lớn hyên ổn ( Who )

13. We plan lớn study oversea in America

-> We are going ___________________________________

14. You can believe sầu on me to win that game

-> I promise _______________________

15. They are going to hold next year's congress in San Francisco ( Next year's congress )

16. Will you lkết thúc me your car? (Would you mind)

17. How long is it since they bought the house ( When )

18. He started khổng lồ play the guitar five years ago

-> He has _____________________________

19. I won't swlặng in the sea because it is too cold

-> The sea is not ___________________________

đôi mươi. The last time I saw hlặng was in 2001

-> I haven't _________________________

21. They don't live in Longdon anymore

-> They used _________________________

22. I am really happy lớn take you to lớn the airport in my car

-> I don't mind _______________________________

23. Remember to lớn put on your coat when you go out

-> Don't ___________________________________

24. How long have you been learning English?

-> When __________________________

25. I always read books when I have sầu time. It's my preasure.

-> I always enjoy __________________________

26. It's nearly twenty years since my father last saw his brother

-> My father has _____________________________

27. Athough she is an accountant, she never seems lớn have sầu any money

-> In spite of _______________________________28 She failed the final exam because she was lazy (bacause of)