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During the course of the process, au-79.nethường may request that a utility or update be applied lớn thử nghiệm systems using a DOS Bootable USB Drive sầu.

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Select a USB Drive that has a capađô thị of 4GB or less, & can be formatted (erasing all existing data).
Create a FreeDOS CD from the fd11src.iso image using CD writer software. Refer to lớn the CD writer software documentation for information on creating a CD from an image file.
Download a BIOS update softpaq for a recent commercial notebook (8740w, for example). Although this step references software that is specific to au-79.nethường commercial notebooks, the process will produce a DOS bootable USB drive sầu for use with commercial desktop and notebook computers.

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Remove all USB Drives và other removable storage (such as memory cards connected khổng lồ attached printers) from the computer where au-79.netUSBFW is located. Failure khổng lồ vị so may result in misidentification of the USB Drive and data loss due khổng lồ formatting.
The USB Drive should be automatically detected by USB Disk Storage Format Tool. If not, select the correct drive from the Device drop down menu. Failure khổng lồ select the correct drive sầu may result in data loss.
When the format is complete, select Cthất bại in USB Disk Storage Format Tool. The USB Drive sầu is now DOS bootable. Remove the USB Drive sầu và FreeDOS CD from the computer.



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