An implementation of an interface is a Java program that references the interface using the implements keywords. The program is required to lớn provide method xúc tích for all non-default methods. Optionally, the program can provide an implementation of a mặc định method defined in the interface. To create an interface implementation in Java, follow these six steps.

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mở cửa your text editor and type in the following Java statements:
The interface defines three methods for displaying a name & optionally a job title. One method is a default method that contains implementation xúc tích và ngắn gọn. The remaining two methods do not include implementation lô ghích.Save sầu your file asở cửa a command prompt và navigate lớn the directory containing your Java program. Then type in the command to lớn compile the source & hit Enter.The interface is now ready to lớn be implemented by a Java program. Open your text editor và type in the following Java statements:
The Java program declares that it will implement the interface by using the implements từ khoá. The program is now obligated to provide Java code for the two non-default methods. Accordingly, implementations of the methods are provided.Save your tệp tin as The suffix Impl is a standard way of advertising that this Java program is an implementation of a commvà prompt & navigate khổng lồ the directory containing your Java program. Then type in the command khổng lồ compile the source & hit Enter.The interface implementation can now be instantiated by a Java class so that the methods can be called.

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