From the kitchen to the garden or the studio, our Japanese Linen Apron is the perfect addition to lớn your spring & summer wardrobe.

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Meet Sarah Omura of So Handmade, an upstate New York-based maker who sews and screenprints toys for children that encourage imaginative play on the go—without screens.



Live sầu, laugh, lunch...

Tested by kids, our newest lunch bags và snaông xã sacks are built to lớn last using organic cotton and recycled fabrics with fun and bright patterns.




Every great idea is born over lunch. Favor was no exception. Co-founded by Anne England and her husb&, Jordan, Favor came to life when the pair was seeking khổng lồ expvà the accessories line of their original home furnishing brvà, Industry West. Anne connects with interesting artists và makers all over the world & wanted khổng lồ shine a spotlight on these artists’ chất lượng pieces in the shop’s growing collection. Together, Anne and Jordan decided that these smaller trang chủ goods và accessories deserved their own trang chính on a sister site.

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Around the World

If you ask us where we source our products, we’re likely khổng lồ talk your ear off. Our products are made by artists and artisans all over the world. We’re captivated by artists who tell the stories behind their craft—shedding light on how & why they create.

Delighted By Details

Details lượt thích a sweet stitch. The soft touch of linen. An imperfect glaze on a porcelain bowl. Our entire lives are contained in the details. We’re here to ensure that the details you’re adding to lớn your trang chính are meaningful.

Handmade. Artisanal. Craftwork.

These words are music to our ears. Why? Because high unique creation brings high-chất lượng objects inkhổng lồ the world. At Favor, unique is everything. We’re proud to lớn keep the bar raised high when it comes lớn the products we carry.