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If t is a variable x(), then the congruence rule applies, while the inductive step is straightforward.
Inductive learning is par ticularly suitable in the context of an automated design system because training data can be generated in an automated fashion.
In this paper we introduce a new approach lớn robust kiến thiết based on the concept of inductive learning with regression trees.
The application of inductive classification to performance data for a pseudorandom sample of dugs, deriving decision trees for the choice of data structures.
An inductive inference is then made to the conclusion that certain instances, types, groups, or patterns of evils are gratuitous.
Unfortunately, one cannot hope to lớn add an extensional conversion rule on inductive types, which would entail the computability of all isomorphisms of inductive types.
In order lớn give an inductive definition of the encoding for processes, we need khổng lồ provide operations over typed graphs.
If a government body takes an administrative decision then this in many cases should not be based on an inductive argument but on regulations.

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This raises questions of possible overgenerative power, và the proper status of inductive reasoning in the presence of such constructions.
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