International chamber of commerce là gì

How can ICC AOKpass reopen cross border travel and trade in the age of COVID-19?Study shows vaccine nationalism could cost rich countries US$4.5 trillionNew SME Climate Hub khổng lồ make climate action simple for small business

Essential rules for international and domestic contracts, setting out responsibilities between buyers và sellers for costs, delivery & risks.



ICC Arbitration is a flexible & efficient dispute resolution procedure leading lớn binding and final decisions subject khổng lồ enforcement worldwide.

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World Chambers Federation

Serving, promoting and uniting the global network of 12,000 chambers & their business communities.



Certificates of Origin

International procedures and guidelines for chambers in issuing non-preferential certificates of origin.

Publications, events, online training

Knowledge 2 Go is an online shop for all publications, events, và online training courses offered by ICC.

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ICC Arbitration is a flexible và efficient procedure for resolving domestic and international disputes.

The awards are binding, final and enforceable anywhere in the world.

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As COVID-19 continues to lớn threaten lives and livelihoods, action is needed from governments, private sector leaders & international institutions to ensure the continued viability of our MSMEs.

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ICC calls for coordination to lớn tư vấn green investments in Africa

ICC has welcomed plans to lớn create a pan African Green infrastructure Investment Bank. The announcement was made at last weekend’s African Sovereign Wealth & Pension Fund Leaders Forum as part of the 2021 Conference of African Ministers of Finance, Planning & Economic Development, hosted by the United Nations United Nations Economic Commission for Africa.

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Making Ethics Work: 6 Ways ICC enables responsible business action

From setting the gold standard for international advertising self-regulation since 1937 khổng lồ enabling businesses to lớn integrate ethics & compliance considerations into their operations, ICC plays a leading role in enabling high standards of corporate governance based on ethical business practices.

ICC và Mind the Bridge launch the 2021 Corporate Startup Stars Awards

ICC and Mind the Bridge announced the official launch of the 2021 Corporate Startup Stars competition as part of the MENA Digital Scaleup Summit in Dubai.

ICC zeros in on Asia and giải pháp công nghệ with new Dispute Resolution Governing Body additions

ICC has announced new additions to lớn its Governing Body for Dispute Resolution Services.

ICC welcomes G7 signals to provide financial relief to lớn COVID-hit emerging nations

ICC Secretary General John W.H. Denton AO has issued a statement following news that the G7 will baông chồng proposals khổng lồ provide financial support to lớn help poorer nations recovery from pandemic impact.

Air France và Groupe ADP extkết thúc ICC AOKpass pilot lớn flights to/from Paris, Los Angeles, and San Francisco

Air France & Groupe ADPhường. launched a new demo programme of the ICC AOKpass solution for digitising COVID-19 demo results.

6 highlights from the 2021 ICC MENA Conference on International Arbitration

The 9th edition of the ICC MENA Conference on International Arbitration was held digitally for the first time on 24 February. More than 1,000 participants from cthua thảm to 90 countries registered for the sự kiện.

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ICC congratulates Mathias Cormann on his appointment as OECD Secretary-General

ICC looks forward khổng lồ working with Organisation for Economic Co-operation và Development (OECD) Secretary-General-designate Mathias Cormann lớn address the world’s pressing policy challenges.

ICC và Masterthẻ Partner to Deliver Comtháng Consistent Digital Health Pass Experience

ICC và Masterthẻ will work with stakeholders from civil society, business, and government to lớn create an environment that encourages the development và proliferation of interoperable digital health pass solutions to lớn accelerate the global recovery.

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