Avast mobile Security Pro Craông xã APK + Lathử nghiệm Version Download 2021

Avast sản phẩm điện thoại Security Pro Crack is a great app for your Android phone. This is a reliable application that will help you fix virus problems quickly. Also giả calls, messages, emails, websites, etc. It may look like your device. This protects you from your attacks. Avast Mobile Security Pro has many useful tools you need.

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Avast thiết bị di động Security Pro Features:

Increase your RAM: Avast mobile Security Pro helps your phone run faster by closing all apps running in the background.This will miễn phí up your phone’s RAM almost instantly.From here, you can quickly access the application most efficiently.Cleaning unnecessary files: There are lots of junk files on the phone that slow down the device và take up a lot of memory.Use one tap lớn scan your entire device và remove sầu anything slowing down your device.Network Speed ​​Meter: If you are connecting your phone to Wi-Fi & want to lớn check if the connection is good enough.You can quickly download và configure it using this function.After a while, you will be able to lớn get an objective estimate of the tốc độ of the Wi-Fi network you are connecting to.App Lock: You can protect apps on your device.Here you can manually set the passwords for all apps so that they are always in the safest state.Anti-theft protection: Avast sản phẩm điện thoại Security Pro also protects your SIM card & device.You have sầu lớn enter the password every time you want lớn change the SIM thẻ. Otherwise, you will get an alarm if someone tries khổng lồ illegally access your phone.Secure Photo Box: With Avast Smartphone Security Pro, you can add new or existing photos to lớn the photo box on your device.Your photos are more secure now. Only you can see your photos.

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Battery saver: A battery saver mode will be available in the app. It will alert you immediately when your device’s battery is dead.With one tap, you instantly put your phone inkhổng lồ battery saver mode.Call Blocking: Avast điện thoại Security Pro helps you quickly blackcác mục alarming phone numbers.Also, you can blochồng all calls, messages from numbers on the blackdanh sách.This will reduce your discomfort.Firewall: For rooted devices, the security issue on your device will be weak.However, Avast Mobile Security Pro can help increase the security of your device by adding a firewall lớn help you control the application on your rooted phone.Automatic: Avast Mobile Security Pro automatically adds unexpected features when daily scanning is enabled.You no longer need to manually clean your device. Instead, everything will run automatically.

What New in Avast Mobile Security Pro?

See Application Analysis.Find out how much time you spover on each phầm mềm on your device & change the balance between your phone and your life.It automatically calls for new Wi-Fi networks khổng lồ alert you khổng lồ potential privacy threats as soon as possible.The charging screen supports live Wallpaper.Smarter notifications will inform you about the features you use most often.


Avast mobile Security Pro Serial Key

Avast thiết bị di động Security Pro Activation Key

System Requirements:

CPU:1 GHz or faster 32 or 64-bit processor.RAM: 1 GB (2 GB or more).A DVD drive sầu for boxed productMicrosoft .Net Framework 4.5ODBC and JDBC Client Drivers.