Jetbrains phpstorm v2017

The new PhpStorm 2017.2 EAPhường. build (172.2273.9) is now available! You can tải về it here or via Toolbox App. Or, if you have sầu the previous PhpStorm 2017.2 EAP build (172.2103) installed, you should soon get a notification in the IDE about a patch update.

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This build delivers new features, bug fixes and improvements for PHP và the Web, & takes on the lademo improvements in IntelliJ Platform.

Reworked polymorphic types support($this, static, parent)

We’ve completely reworked tư vấn of polymorphic types such as $this, static & parent. That has fixed a missing type in chain hotline if a method has a double return type (WI-30131), type loosing with new static() điện thoại tư vấn if method from base class returns $this (WI-27532), returning self in traits is not resolved correctly (WI-32050) & many others issues requiring complicated type juggling.

Please report any regressions that you’ve sầu noticed.


$this highlighting

When you place your caret on $this, PhpStorm highlights all usages of this variable across the whole class. That helps you lớn visually find usages of the variable.


New formatting options

We’ve added new formatting options that help you khổng lồ tune your project more precisely according to lớn your company requirements or personal taste:

New parenthesis options for “if” statement

These options can be found in Settings | Editor | Code Style | PHP | Wrapping and Braces | if statement. They are called New line after ‘(‘  and Place ‘)’ on a new line. lưu ý that the options work only for multiline if conditions.

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Separate option for brace placement for closures

The option can be found in Settings | Editor | Code Style | PHP | Wrapping and Braces | Minimum Blank Lines. It’s called In closure declaration. 

New option to lớn enforce a newline after PHPhường opening tag

The option can be found in Settings | Editor | Code Style | PHP | Blank Lines | Brace placement. It’s called After opening tag.

We’ve sầu also improved the way single line PHP blocks are treated so now braces will never be moved khổng lồ the next line.


SSH-Agent support

If you prefer to lớn keep your SSH keys safe using SSH agent (on Linux and macOS) or Pageant (on Windows), this is now supported in PhpStorm. Just phối authentication type khổng lồ authentication agent when setting up your SSH connection.


Apart from new features, this build brings many bug fixes, including these:

See the full danh sách of bug-fixes và improvements in our issue tracker & the complete release notes.

Download PhpStorm 2017. 2 EAPhường 172.2273  for your platform from the project EAPhường. page or click “Update” in your Toolbox App and please vị report any bugs and feature request to lớn our Issue Tracker.