Khắc Nghiệt Tiếng Anh

in a careful way so that every part of something is looked at or considered lớn make certain it is correct or safe:

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Nâng cao vốn trường đoản cú vựng của người tiêu dùng cùng với English Vocabulary in Use từọc các trường đoản cú bạn cần tiếp xúc một giải pháp lạc quan.

These well-managed long-term studies provided the type of data needed to evaluate rigorously a number of recently developed analytical methods và assessment tools.
These models can be very informative to lớn violence prevention & can then be rigorously tested through violence prevention experiments.
The contents, which could in several cases have been refereed more rigorously, fall inlớn four groups.
The purpose of the present study was thus khổng lồ rigorously compare virtual và physical treadmill stepping.
An old but controversial thesis in linguistic theory is ultimately corroborated : that semantic and contextual information need to lớn be rigorously integrated inlớn the grammar.
We recognise that no comparison of the patterns of judicialisation across countries will be perfectly parallel or rigorously predictive sầu.
A multivariate analysis permits tests of the influence of particular factors more rigorously by holding others factors constant.
It is rigorously argued yet surprisingly accessible, fresh and profoundly insightful, & orthodox yet irenic in spirit.
This practice was rigorously maintained throughout construction; however, in certain instances, regulation và structural requirements meant cutting was unavoidable.

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The definition of a sweep detection presented here cannot be justified as rigorously as that of a burst, however.
The assumption that the energy loss along the stagnating streamline is equal lớn the change in potential energy along the streamline cannot be justified rigorously.
Branch & bound code for global optimization with general factorable constraints, with rigorously guaranteed results (even round-off is accounted for correctly).
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