Swing, fling, and throw yourself to victory in king tongue

King Tongue ($1.99) by Ankama is a fast-paced arcade style game where your tongue is your greatest weapon against an army of bananas that want you và the other monkeys wiped out. It’s a quirky game that is worthy of a download, especially if you enjoy distinctive & fun games.

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I haven’t been having the best of times lately, so whenever I have sầu some spare moments during the day I like lớn pick up my iPhone & relax with some games (but who doesn’t these days). While I always love giving my brain a workout with puzzles or brain teasers often, sometimes I just need a game that lets me beat up some baddies with frantic tapping action. And with King Tongue, that’s exactly what you get, & it makes for a pleasing time killer.


The visual style of King Tongue is cartoonish, which is fitting due to the crazy nature of the game itself. Despite the cartoony art style, the game is rather detailed with the various environmental backgrounds, stage platforms và layouts, & character sprites. King Tongue also makes fantastic use of colors, as they range from soft pastels lớn more bright & vibrant hues, depending on the stage. Animations are smooth and fluid, which should be expected from such a hectic game, as there is no time khổng lồ lose. The soundtraông chồng is also eccentric, upbeat, & rather catchy, so it helps to lớn get you inkhổng lồ the game even more. The sound effects are fun & humorous, which is a nice final touch khổng lồ an odd yet charming game.

In King Tongue, the Banana King has declared war on the monkeys, so there are thousands of armed banamãng cầu minions that will attempt lớn overwhelm you, King Tongue, the lord of monkeys. Players will take control of King Tongue and help him overcome and defeat the banamãng cầu army by going through various worlds (chapters) & clearing each màn chơi one-at-a-time. The goal of each màn chơi is to get rid of the incoming waves of banana foes, & the difficulty will gradually increase as you progress in the game. There are three stars that can be earned on each stage as well, which is contingent on beating the màn chơi, reaching a certain point threshold, và finishing within a certain time limit. Points are received for beating foes, but the amount will vary depending on how they were slain — more stylish attacks will net more points, clearly.

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Controls in King Tongue are simple and intuitive. Since King Tongue’s greademo weapon is, well, his tongue, players will be using that as a grappling hook to lớn navigate their way around stages & foes. Just tap on where you want King Tongue khổng lồ swing from, và he will propel himself forward. If he gains enough momentum, he will curl up into lớn a ball that can cause damage khổng lồ enemies when he plows inlớn them. Another way to smash some baddies is khổng lồ tap on them to hook them, then pull them towards King Tongue for some sick karate moves or you can even throw them inlớn walls with the right amount of force. A two-finger tap on the screen will activate King Tongue’s explosive attack that can get rid of all surrounding bananas, which is incredibly useful in a pinch. But watch out — if you get hit by an enemy attaông xã, then you’ll have sầu to lớn restart the màn chơi.


As you complete levels and earn stars, you will also receive sầu gifts after a reaching a specific threshold. The gifts will contain various abilities for King Tongue, and you can unloông xã different primates later on too. Each monkey has their own fighting style & special abilities, so the fun doesn’t end. To add lớn the game’s replay value, there is full trò chơi Center integration for both leaderboards và achievements.

I’ve been playing King Tongue for most of my morning, và I must say that it is proving to lớn be a rather fun & delightful game that helps keep my mind off of things. I love the cartoonish graphics, the music và sounds are fun, & the controls are simple enough for everyone to lớn understvà. The gameplay can get a bit frenetic, but that’s part of the charm here, & it is rather challenging. Replay value is high, & the best part is the fact that the game does not contain any in-ứng dụng purchases, so it’s all up to you and your skill to lớn beat all of the stages.

I recommkết thúc checking out King Tongue if you are looking for a fun, action-packed arcade-style beat-em-up game lớn kiểm tra out over the long weekend. You can find King Tongue on the App Store as a universal tải về for just $1.99 with no in-phầm mềm purchases.