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Consciousness cannot exist without something lớn have seen, something to have sầu loved, something or someone whose loss leaves the clinging scent of self-presence.
Moreover, this tài khoản leaves the impression that the unikhung voice of nature is less important than variations in national character.
Our acceptance of phenomenological pluralism leaves open the crucial issue of the identity of anorexia nervosa.
He also insisted that" every compromise with the existing system leaves us less capable of changing that system".
The second theory, the mechanical ức chế hypothesis, suggests weakness in the nuclear lamina leaves certain tissues more prone to damage by force.
Another example of the arbitrary application of a general tool occurs when their segmentation leaves isolated bright groups of pixels.
He is not, he claims, denying the existence of social change in oral societies, nor of the" survivals" which this change leaves in its wake.
By the kết thúc of the century, however, female cross-dressing is either condemned outright or confined to a parody that leaves gender distinctions unquestioned.
The basic paradox remains unresolved; the ending leaves the speaker only beginning khổng lồ clutch at some hope of amendment.

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By this definition, the modern architect is subject lớn a machine that leaves hlặng behind the course of history.
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