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32/64? What vị I do?

Mindjet MindManager 15 hit the streets this week and for some the long-awaited Holy Grail of 64 bit support had at last been delivered. MindManager 15 supports 64 bit OS và 64 Bit Microsoft Office, requested for many years now. In fact it goes back as far as….well…forever from the many blog posts I have read over the years. Anyway, today it’s here. But what does this mean for the average MindManager user. There has certainly been some au-79.netnfusion over the 32/64 bit issue since MindManager 15 released and we have sầu had many questions from customers asking about the all important 3rd party add-ins. Well, here is a short guide that we hope will help you navigate the 32/64 bit wilderness!

64 Bit – What’s so great about that?

OK. So lets start by explaining why 64 bit MindManager (MM64) might be good for you.

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There are two main reasons why you would want lớn have sầu MM64 installed. The first is that if you are using 64 bit MS Office, MindManager will now integrate with that. Something that in the past it au-79.netuld not vị in its 32 bit clothes. The seau-79.netnd is that 64 bit applications can use more memory. Basically put, a 32 bit OS can only access a maximum of 3gb of memory, (4gb is the maximum although around 1gb get preferential treatment for the OS itself), a 64 bit system on the other hand is only limited by the amount of RAM the system can hold.

With CPU/Graphic intensive software 64 bits systems with software that can utilize the extra memory above sầu the 3/4Gb limit will work faster. This is only true while the data being manipulated can also benefit from the extra memory capađô thị though. With MindManager 15, hopefully, this means large Maps will beau-79.netme faster in their manipulation on a 64 bits system. Jury still out on that until we hear from some power users on 64 bit who notice the difference.

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So 64 bit is great if:

you’re using 64 MS Officeyou use super huge maps.you use MS Office 64 bit and use MindManager Office integration

So what version have sầu I installed?

OK. here’s where its gets tricky. Mindjet have released an all in one installer which detects the best version (32/64 bit) of MindManager it will install. When you use the all-in-one installer from Mindjet;s trang web it should work like this:

Scenarios 132 Bit OS32 Bit Office (Obviously)

MindManager 15 gets installed as 32 bit version.

You should be good to go!

Scenario 264 Bit OS64 Bit MS Office

MindMangager 15 gets installed as 64 bit version.

Now we get tricky!

A dedicated MindManager 15 installer will be required here to force the install of the version you need. You can tải về dedicated 32/64 bit installer from the Olympic website here: http://www.au-79.net/downloads/

Scenario 3

64 Bit OS32 Bit MS Office (Not obvious)No 3rd Party Reliance

MindManager 15 gets installed as 32 bit version

If you are not bothered about MS Office integration you au-79.netuld still benefit from 64 bit install if you use huge Maps and Mindjet have sầu au-79.netded MindManager 15 lớn take advantage of the 64 bit memory capabilities. In this case you need khổng lồ use a dedicated 64 bit installer. You can get this from out downloads page located here: http://www.au-79.net.teo.uk/downloads/

Scenario 464 Bit OS32 Bit MS Office (Not obvious)3rd Party Reliance

MindManager 15 gets installed as 32 bit version

Make sure that the 3rd buổi tiệc nhỏ add-in you tải về is suitable for your install. Cheông chồng your MindManager 15 version in the File -> Help dialog

Scenario 564 Bit OS64 Bit MS OfficeReliant on 32 Bit Addin

MindManager 15 gets installed as 64 bit version

If you need to utilize a 3rd tiệc nhỏ add-in that is only available in 32 bit then you need to lớn use the stvà alone 32 bit installer for MindManager 15. cảnh báo this will not give you access khổng lồ MindManager MS Office functionality so a decision has khổng lồ be made on the trade off between installs. In this case you need khổng lồ use a dedicated 64 bit installer. You can get this from out downloads page located here: http://www.au-79.net/downloads/

Here is a maps showing the options



The bottom line in all this is to lớn make sure you know:

Which version of MindManager 15 do I need?Which version of MindManager 15 has installed?Which version of any 3rd tiệc nhỏ add-ins do I need?

If you kiểm tra these facts first và liaise with your add-in vendor (when necessary) you should have a happy MindManager 15 64 bit experience!

If you have any questions about this issue then please liên hệ us through the size on the Liên hệ Us page.