Looking for “MU Origin 2 gift code” to exchange for redeemable rewards? Read on for the “MU Origin 2 gift codes 2021” danh mục April 2021


MU Origin 2 Gift Code 2021 Wiki: April 2021⇓

(Regular updates on the MU Origin 2 mã code 2021 Wiki: April 2021).

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The total number of discovered gift codes by us: +10. Active sầu khuyến mãi status: x11. Here’s the list of all new MU Origin 2 gift codes to lớn redeem: – 

MU2KEY : Clayên this MU Origin 2 code & fetch the reward. Tap the khuyến mãi below to copy it: –

MU2KEYBURMA1 : Clayên ổn this code & fetch 1 Wings Upgrade Value Pack, x1 Enhance Lucky Paông xã, 1 Hymn of Rainbow, 1 Title: Legendary Myanmar

BURMA1HEALTH : Clayên ổn this code và fetch the reward

HEALTHRUSSIA : Claim this code and fetch 50 Rock’s Feather, 50 1,000 Crystals, other rewards

RUSSIAWINNER : Clalặng this code và fetch 5 Salute Shot, x15 Mamãng cầu Herb, 10 xđôi mươi Insight Powder


MU Origin Gift Code 2021 Wiki⇓

Wiki List of MU Origin 2 Gift codes 2021: 

MU2KEY : Redeem this mã code & get the reward(Working Code)BURMA1 : Redeem this mã code và get x1 Wings Upgrade Value Pack, x1 Enhance Lucky Paông chồng, x1 Hymn of Rainbow, x1 Title: Legendary Myanmar(Working Code)HEALTH : Redeem this mã code and get the reward(Working Code)RUSSIA : Redeem this mã code và get x50 Rock’s Feather, x50 1,000 Crystals, other rewards(Working Code)WINNER : Redeem this mã code và get x5 Salute Shot, x15 Mamãng cầu Herb, x10 20 Insight Powder(Working Code)MUXMAS : Redeem this mã code and get the reward(Expired)MU2DEC : Redeem this khuyến mãi và get x1 Battle Horse (7 Days), x1 Lv.8 Gem Random Box, x1 Flying Dutch Rat, x1 Archangel Weapon Scroll, x50 1,000 Tattoo(Expired)LABOUR : Redeem this gift code and get x5 Sunflower Gift Box, xđôi mươi Rock’s Feather, x20 Spirit Source Tinder(Expired)ORIGIN : Redeem this gift code & get x1 Hymn of Rainbow, x1 Scarab Amulet, x100 Rock’s Feather, x30 Gem of Blessing, x1 100000 Gold(Expired)MU9999 : Redeem this khuyến mãi và get x1 Wings Upgrade Value Pachồng, x1 Purple Spirit Egg, x1 Dark Dominator, x1 Feather of Divinity, x1 Stars Fighter Hat(7 Days)(Expired)THANKS : Redeem this khuyến mãi và get x1 Archangel Badge Scroll, x1 Archangel Weapon Scroll, x1 Evil Ghost, x1 Lv.8 Gem Random Box, x20 Spirit Stone(Expired)WING7D : Redeem this gift code và get x30 Spiritual Gold, x30 Demonic Gold, x30 1,000 Tattoo, x30 Spirit Source Tinder, x1 Phoenix(Expired)MU8888 : Redeem this mã code và get the reward(Expired)FOODIE : Redeem this khuyến mãi và get the reward(Expired)MAPLES : Redeem this gift code and get the reward(Expired)

How To Redeem MU Origin 2 Gift Codes?

To redeem the MU Origin 2 khuyến mãi, follow these simple steps: –

Step 1.) On the lobby screen of the game, on the upper-right, tap và find the “bonus” button. Step 2.) After tapping the bonus button, a danh sách of menu options will appear on the next screen, Scroll down and find the option “Gift Code” Step 3.) After tapping the mã code option, the gift code exchange screen will appear on the screen.Step 4.) Input the “gift code” & tap on the exchange button khổng lồ receive sầu abundant rewards 

trò chơi Description⇓

Divine Object – Remnants of the fallen Archangel. Restore energy lớn your Divine Object lớn tap into divine powers and conquer your foes!

Elemental Stigma – Another feature lớn increase your Elemental powers! Equip Elemental Stigma to draw more Elemental power!

Holy Shield Awakening – Take your defensive sầu powers khổng lồ another level! Increase your Shield barrier limit by awakening your Holy Shield!

Abyss Tower – Treasures of the Lost Tower have appeared in the Abyss realm. Fight khổng lồ sieze possession of the treasures và acquire Lost Keys!

Abyss Castle – The mysterious Lost Castle has been spotted hidden in the Abyss.

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Climb Castle floors with Guild members to lớn find breathtaking treasures!

Abyss Battlefield – Rally your troops & get ready for battle! Fight for the domination of the battlefield & see which Guild is truly the strongest!

Invasion of Elements – Elemental troops have sầu gathered for an onslaught against the MU Continent. Join forces with buổi tiệc ngọt members lớn protect Lorencia.

MU Origin 2– Choose from Dark Knight, Dark Wizard, or Elf lớn start your journey.– Form parties to conquer dungeons, Join a Guild khổng lồ gather around & solve quizzes together.– Equip jewels into thành tựu slots khổng lồ make it stronger than before.– Get you a Guardian Pet that tags along your journey, and attacks the enemy with you.– To travel a long distance, grab a mount.– Battle team vs team in the Harmatium or battle 1 vs 1 in the Aremãng cầu. Or maybe both.– And much more daily dungeons và field quests are waiting for you!

So this would be all in this post on “MU Origin 2 gift code: các mục of gift codes” to redeem in February 2021. Got any new gift code? Comment below!

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