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A forerunner in the development & commercialization of VDP & workflow automation solutions, Objectif Lune announces today the release of version 7.1 of PrintShop Mail Suite, the leading VDP software for over fifteen years. PrintShop Mail was initially created to solve sầu the production tốc độ issues surrounding high-volume mail merge. Over the years, it evolved to include a user-friendly thiết kế interface with advance drag-and-drop capabilities reducing job creation time lớn a minimum và became one of the most recognized solutions on the market.

The next step in PrintShop Mail Suite’s evolution was the arrival of its web-to-print module, PrintShop Mail Web, in order to optimize online ordering of VDP. products. With PrintShop Mail Suite 7.1, Objectif Lune carries on the evolution by making PrintShop Mail Web a full-featured production hệ thống able to lớn process variable data print jobs submitted by as many thiết kế stations as desired, from anywhere in the world for direct production or website ordering.


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Long time users will be happy to lớn find that this new version stays true to what has been the driving force of its success over the years; an ease of use combined to powerful production features. “This release gives Objectif Lune the opportunity khổng lồ showcase what makes PrintShop Mail Suite the best personalized print solution on the market, at an affordable price” says Didier Gombert, Objectif Lune CEO. New functionalities include compatibility with PDF/VT output, an emerging standard for variable data printing (VDP) jobs and new website ordering possibilities for Microsoft Word mail merge documents. More information on this new release can be found on including a trial version and demonstrative sầu videos.