How To Fix Red Alert 2 Issues In Windows 10


As with most Microsoft games, Red Alert 2 also has some issues such as the blachồng screen. Are you also troubled the Red Alert 2 issues? This post of MiniTool will provide you with several effective sầu troubleshooting methods.

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About Red Alert 2 Windows 10

Red Alert 2 is known as a real-time đoạn Clip game released for Microsoft in 2000. This game was developed khổng lồ follow up to lớn the Commvà and Conquer Red Alert. Although it is a relatively old multiplayer game, it still attracts a large number of dedicated fans.

While Red Alert 2 Windows 10 has some vexing problems as well. For example, many players encounter Red Alert 2 not working và bachồng screen issues. How to lớn fix Red Alert 2 issues? After analyzing several posts, here we summarize the following comtháng fixes.


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Common Fixes khổng lồ the Red Alert 2 Issues on Windows 10

Fix 1. Run Red Alert 2 in Compatibility Mode

Many users encounter the “FATAL String Manager failed khổng lồ initialized properly” issue when running the Red Alert 2. For this issue, you can try running the game in compatibility mode.

Step 1. Right-clichồng the executable game tệp tin in File Explorer và select the Properties option.

Step 2. Go khổng lồ the Compatibility tab in the pop-up window, & tiông xã the checkbox for Run this program in compatibility mode for.

Step 3. Tiông xã the checkbox for Run this program as an administrator. Then you can select the Reduced color mode from the drop-down menu to lớn tweak the graphical settings.

Step 4. After that, click on the Apply button to confirm the changes and click on OK khổng lồ exit the window.


Fix 2. Tweak the Game Settings in Origin

In addition to lớn running the game in compatibility mode, you can adjust the game’s settings in Origin if you download the game from EA Origin. To do so, follow the step below.

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Step 1. Launch the Origin on your Windows PC, and then navigate khổng lồ the My Games tab and select the All games option from the drop-down thực đơn.


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Step 2. Right-click the Red Alert 2 game and select Properties from its context menu.

Step 3. Then type “–Win” in the text box that includes a Command-Line Arguments text.

Step 4. Select the checkbox for Disable Origin in Game for this game in the pop-up window và click on the Save button.

Now, restart the game và see if the Red Alert 2 Windows 10 issue still persists.

Fix 3. Adjust the Game’s Resolution

As you know, the Red Alert 2 Windows 10 comes with lower resolution monitors. If you set the screen resolution too high, some issues lượt thích Red Alert 2 not working may happen lớn you. So, it’s recommended that you adjust its screen resolution to match the current display resolutions. Here’s a quiông xã guide for you.

Step 1. Press Win + E keys to open the File Explorer & find the Red Alert 2 directory file in it.

Step 2. Right-click the RA2.INI file in the Red Alert 2 directory and click on Open with.

Step 3. Select the Notepad option from the context menu lớn open the tệp tin.

Step 4. Adjust the ScreenWidth and ScreenHeight values in the RA2.INI tệp tin lớn match the current display resolution.