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Human beings come inlớn in tương tác with ticks through both professional (the population is predominantly rural) và recreational activities (hunting, fishing, picnicking, hiking).
It encompasses the various recreational activities, such as sport fishing, riverine boating, visitation of archeological sites, và bird watching.
High infection rates of " city foxes " increase the probability of transmission to pet dogs và cats (via rodents in parks and recreational areas).
Ecological factors in schistosome transmission, and an environmentally benign method for controlling snails in a recreational lake with a record of schistosome dermatitis.
Currently, the only such programmes, endorsed & financed by local governments, are phối up for recreational & health-related activities.
Also, in institutions for the elderly this occasionally occurred, và more often, recreational activities in these groups were cancelled.
Maternal causes of fetal distress include comorbidities, medications, recreational drugs, infections, metabolic abnormalities, toxins, hypothermia, & seizures.

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Recreational risk factors were not investigated because no notified cases had recreational exposure recorded.
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