How To Root Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X Without Pc & Via Magisk

If you want khổng lồ unlock all the hidden powers of your Xiaomày Redmày note 4, then get ready. Because in this guide we will let you know how to install TWRPhường Recovery và Root Redmày chú ý 4 easily using

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One of the most affordable & fully features packed Xiaomi’s device – the redmi lưu ý 4 has finally received official TWRP recovery support for its mã sản phẩm named “Mido” powered by Snapdragon. But don’t worry if you are using Redngươi lưu ý 4 (MTK) nikel, because the developer has also developed unofficial TWRP for Redngươi Note 4. So, in order lớn root Redmày lưu ý 4, firstly you are required khổng lồ install TWRP.. Recovery on Redmày note 4. So, head over the guide below.


Guide To Install TWRPhường. Recovery and Root Redmi cảnh báo 4 Using

Disclaimer: This guide is for educational and testing purposes only. Unlocking Bootloader, installing TWRP, flashing Custom ROMs, & Rooting your device will completely void your device’s manufacturer warranty. These processes can also damage your device. So, we don’t hold any responsibility regarding your device. Do at your own risk. Yeah, we can assist you in case if anything goes wrong.

PrerequisitesInstalling TWRP Recovery & Rooting your Xiaomi device will completely wipe your data. So, take a backup of your important data.Before you begin, charge your RN4 battery up lớn 40-60%.Rooting your device requires the bootloader to be unlocked. So, unloông chồng redmi note 4 bootloader first.Make sure lớn enable OEM Unlocking & USB Debugging mode in the Android settings.Make sure you have the lathử nghiệm Xiaomày USB driver installed on your PC.Also, install ADB và Fastboot Tools on your PC.Downloads

Steps To Install TWRP Recovery On Xiaongươi Redmi cảnh báo 4

First, download the TWRP Recovery image for your device using the liên kết above sầu.Once downloaded, rename it as ‘midotwrp.img’.Once done, transfer the image tệp tin khổng lồ C:adb folder.Hold down the SHIFT key & right-cliông chồng anywhere on an empty space in the ADB thư mục.From the options, select the ‘xuất hiện PowerShell window here’.Now, boot your redngươi note 4 into fastboot mode. nguồn OFF.Press & hold the volume down + power button until the device starts booting. Connect your RN4 to lớn your PC using USB the cable.Now, exexinh đẹp the below comm& to lớn flash TWRPhường. on Xiaomày Redngươi chú ý 4 :

fastboot flash recovery midotwrp.imgThat’s it. Do not restart your device yet. Because it will replace TWRPhường. Recovery with stoông chồng recovery.So, using the steps above sầu you can install TWRP Recovery on Redngươi cảnh báo 4 easily. Once you have successfully installed TWRPhường., head over khổng lồ the instructions lớn root redmày Note 4.

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Steps To Root Xiaomày Redmày Note 4 Using

Make sure that you have sầu installed the lachạy thử TWRP.. recovery on your Redmày Note 4. If yes, you can proceed with the instructions below.

Boot RN4 into TWRPhường Recovery Mode. Power nguồn OFF device completely.Press and Hold Volume Up + nguồn button simultaneously for a couple of seconds.Once the device starts booting into lớn TWRP, release the keys. Once the device enters into TWRP. Recovery Mode, go khổng lồ Wipe > Format Data & enter ‘yes’ lớn start the formatting process.Once successfully formatted, reboot recovery. To vày so, follow the below instructions: Go back to the TWRPhường home page screen.Tap on ‘reboot‘.Finally, Tap on ‘recovery‘. Now, go khổng lồ TWRP > Mount.Connect your RN4 khổng lồ the PC using the USB cable và hit the ‘Enable MTP’ button.Download SuperSU/ flashable zip file using the links above on your computer và transfer it khổng lồ your phone’s internal storage.Now, you can disconnect your RN4.Go bachồng lớn the TWRPhường home page screen, tap ‘Install’.Browse & select the flashable zip tệp tin.Swipe the button at the bottom of the screen khổng lồ flash zip.Once the zip tệp tin is flashed, hit the ‘Reboot system’button to lớn restart your RN4.

That’s it. Now, you have sầu successfully been able khổng lồ root redmi note 4 using You can now uninstall pre-installed apps, run non-compatible apps and so many more other things.

In case, if you are facing any problem or issue while installing TWRP. recovery & rooting redmày note 4, feel free lớn drop us a bình luận below.