Events of the spring, summer and fall of 20đôi mươi should force us all to lớn assess the cost of racism in America.

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This presents a sea-change opportunity to lớn consider who we are, how we act and if we have helped or hindered the advancement of diversity, equity and inclusion in our corner of world, the country, even right here at St. Ambrose University.

Here, our commitment lớn the Catholic Intellectual Tradition supplies a template for seeking truth, challenging assumptions, và faithfully & intentionally promoting social justice, the dignity of every human life and the solidarity of one human family.

Thus, we are engaging in conversations and taking action to lớn create lasting, culture-changing understanding. We are examining hiring practices, identifying bias within curricula, and plotting an action-based plan to lớn bring real diversity, true equity & genuine inclusion inlớn our workplace and classrooms.

We are striving to impart new life-enriching skills lớn students who already embrace difference and dem& equity, and for whom inclusion is second nature.

Diversity has long been a St. Ambrose University mission core value. Students & faculty lobbied for better housing for Mexican-American immigrants in the 1950s, and then built new houses when those families were evicted from their ramshackle homes at Davenport"s Cook"s Point.

In the 1960s, priests, faculty, & students worked alongside community & national activists during the Civil Rights Movement.

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More recently, significant internal change has been accomplished through the efforts of the Diversity Work Group established by former President Ed Rogalski, PhD, near the end of his tenure.

Under the leadership of Sister Joan Lescinski, CSJ, PhD, Ryan Saddler "95, "06 MEd was named the university"s first Director of Diversity in 2013. In 2019, that position was elevated at St. Ambrose with Saddler"s promotion to lớn Associate Vice President for Diversity, Equity, và Inclusion.

So, yes. We long have sầu strived lớn be a university that achieves the Catholic Intellectual Tradition"s unremitting standard for honoring the dignity of every human life.

As detailed in the following pages, however, we"re not there yet.

There is much to vày.

But, as Saddler states with a conviction reinforced by a deeply impassioned Ambrosian community, we are committed lớn doing the work.