If you are facing a system message lượt thích “Scanning & repairing drive c” then this article is for you. We have sầu some awesome tips and tricks that will save your computer and your data as well.

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While opening your computer if you are facing a system message like "Scanning và repairing drive sầu C" that never completes then this article is for you. In this article, we have talked about how và why you get this message again & again, and some of the quichồng methods which you can solve it off.

Not just this, at the over of this article we have something amazing for you. We have sầu introduced you to an awesome application that can effortlessly help you to lớn retrieve your lost or inaccessible data from your hard disk.

What are the possible causes of scanning & repairing drive sầu c?

The possible reasons that can hamper your computer & give you the message like "Scanning and repairing drive sầu C" are given below:

It happens when you have not shut your PC down properly be it because of power failure or forced shut down, etc.

Hard disk & RAM both actively read & write data while you"re working over your PC. And in case if you have sầu a bad day & you experience a power cut, your PC unexpectedly shuts down. Eventually, you may thua thảm your unsaved data. Well, talking about the worst-case scenario, your hard disk may get damaged & you probably cannot retrieve your data from it.

So, if you have a "good-habit" (pun intended) of shutting your PC down forcibly, you need khổng lồ stop it now if you love sầu your data. Also, each time when the computer is shut down forcibly it will automatically scan the drives of your computer resulting in this message "Scanning và repairing drive", trying to fix the issues that have sầu been occurred during the power cut or unexpected shutdown.

Solution 1. Deploy the Windows Based Error Checking Tool

If you are having such problem what you can vì is: deploy the Windows Based Error checking tools so that you can scan & repair any potential issues, down below we have talked about the steps to do it:

Step 1: You need lớn launch the "File Explorer" window from the Taskbar. You will find a menu of options on the left, hit on "This PC".

Step 2: Once you are in "This PC", you have sầu khổng lồ right-click on the drive sầu that you have seen in the Windows "Scanning and repairing drive" message followed by selecting "Properties".

Step 3: You will see several tabs here, go lớn the "Tools". You will see the "Check" button under "Error-checking".

Step 4: If there are no errors found, still you will see the option "Scan drive". Since there are no errors you can simply get lớn the next step or vì a force scan by tapping "Scan drive" for your peace of mind.


Step 5: If errors are found after the scanning completes, you will find a new window that pops up. This new window will suggest you repair the drive sầu. Now, you have sầu to lớn click on the "Repair" button.

Step 6: Once done, reboot your PC. Now, the problem "Scanning and repairing drive" must have sầu been resolved.

Solution 2. Checking the status of your drives

By checking the status of your drives, you can know what problems the drive is having. Follow the steps given below:

Step 1: Open Control panel followed by selecting "System và Security". Now you need to lớn cliông xã on "Security và Maintenance".

Step 2: After that, select "Maintenance". Now under the "Drive status" section, you"ll have the required status.


Alternate Method: Use WMIC

You can also check your hard disk status with WMIC. Here"s how lớn do it.

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Step 1: Hit "Windows & R" key và punch in "cmd" followed by entering lớn launch the command prompt.


Step 2: Over command prompt, enter the command "wmic" followed by entering and then type "diskdrive get status" and press the Enter button again.

Step 3: As soon as you vày it, the status of your hard disk will be reported.


Solution 3. Launch the CHKDSK scan in Safe Mode

CHKDSK is an awesome và quick method to lớn check the drives of your computer if there is any system file error or issues in that particular drive. Here"s what you need lớn do:

Step 1: Boot Windows 10 inlớn the safe mode. For this, sign out of your Windows tài khoản and hold down the SHIFT key while you select "Restart" from the "Power" button.

Step 2: You"ll now be in Windows Recovery & then opt for the "Troubleshoot" option followed by "Advanced options". Now, select "Startup Settings" và then "Enable Safe Mode with comm& prompt".


Step 3: Now over comm& prompt, you have sầu khổng lồ type a simple comm& followed by the Enter key: "chkdsk X: /f"

Note: X in the above command is the drive sầu letter that you want to lớn scan & repair.


Step 4: You"re done, restart your computer once the process completes.

Solution 4: Running the Repair-Volume-DriveLetter comm& in Safe Mode

To run the Repair-Volume-DriveLetter comm& we will be using the Powershell, this will scan the drives for potential errors. Down below there is a step lớn bởi it.

Step 1: Run your PC into lớn Safe Mode using the steps above sầu.

Step 2: Type "Powershell" in the Search box & run it as an administrator by right-clicking over it.

Step 3: Now you need to lớn enter the simple command "repair-volume -driveletter X".

Note: X is the drive sầu that you want khổng lồ scan and fix the error on.


Step 4: Now, reboot your computer once the process is completed.

Bonus Tip: Cheông xã the Disk Connection

If you have sầu recently displaced hard disks of your computer and replaced it. But afterward, you find "Scanning & repairing drive" appearing over your screen. Then this might be the case of loose connection. As while replacing the hard disk of your computer it could be possible that there might be some connection problem between disks & PC. So recheck your ports and ensure that all the ports are connected properly.

How lớn recover data from the computer when all solutions fail khổng lồ fix the issue?

An unbootable system is indeed a headabịt & the situation is completely imaginable. Therefore, lớn lighten your burden, let us introduce you lớn a tool that can help you retrieve your dear data. The name is au-79.net and it is of great assistance when you"re facing such issues & wonder where & how khổng lồ get your data baông xã. The tool is completely secure và easy to lớn use. Let us know how you can get the recovery job done.