Susceptibility là gì

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The tên miền of applicability of magnetic induced order, however, can be expanded by chemically imparting larger anisotropic magnetic susceptibilities to macromolecules.
The high prevalence of hepatitis in patients with typhoid fever was emphasized and microbiological characteristics (including antimicrobial susceptibilities and genotyping) of the isolates from these patients were also examined.
We should thus not be too tender about hurting people"s susceptibilities by looking under their hats if it provides protection for the public.
I turn lastly lớn one other aspect of the matter which is a difficult one khổng lồ talk about because of people"s susceptibilities.
Are not their susceptibilities equally valid along with those who want lớn preserve sầu an all-male priesthood?
None of the known susceptibilities normally related lớn licensing matters is involved in the repeal of this subsection.
Every effort was made to secure suitable premises within the area in order to avoid offence to local susceptibilities, but without success.
I notice that the people who are most touchy are those who are never afraid to lớn offover the susceptibilities of other people.
One must think of people"s social susceptibilities, the social make-up of a given area and the provocative intent that may be behind such demonstrations.

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